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April 2019 |
  • Morales, Leonardo Fabio
  • Medina, Daniel

Labour market flexibility has been a traditional subject of study in labour economics; recent literature has focused on the related concept of...

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August 2018 |
  • Ahcar, Jaime

This paper identifies potential for trade between Colombia and the European Union following the implementation of a free trade agreement as from...

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August 2017 |
  • Stellian, Rémi
  • Danna-Buitrago, Jenny Paola

This article studies the competitiveness of Colombian agricultural products relative to those of the United States, with a view to assessing the...

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August 2016 |
  • Lozano, Ignacio
  • Julio, Juan Manuel

This paper provides evidence for the positive effects of fiscal decentralization on regional economic growth in Colombia since the enactment of...

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April 2016 |
  • Benvin, Evelyn
  • Rivera, Elizabeth
  • Tromben, Varinia

This article aims to develop a multidimensional index by integrating time use and well-being dimensions and proposes a conceptual framework based...

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December 2014 |
  • Sierra, Lya Paola
  • Manrique L., Karina

Much has been said about possible symptoms of Dutch disease in Colombia in the wake of a marked upsurge in commodity prices and the significant...

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August 2013 |
  • Hernández, Gonzalo

This paper explores the impact of the terms of trade on output fluctuations in
Colombia, a developing country where as much as 62% of export...

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December 2002

The process of urbanization in Latin America presents new challenges for urban transport systems insofar as one of the priorities is to provide...

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December 2000 |
  • Tovar, Camilo Ernesto
  • Ocampo, José Antonio
  • Sánchez Torres, Fabio

This article analyses the behaviour of the Colombian labour market and the changes it underwent during the 1990s. It begins by outlining the...

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April 1997 |
  • Londoño de la Cuesta, Juan Luis

This article analyses the levels and evolution of social inequalities in Colombia over the last 25 years, describing the main recent trends in...