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December 2020 |
  • Bresser Pereira, Luiz Carlos

This article analyses the effects of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Brazil’s
population and economy, including its high mortality rate...

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July 2020 |
  • Trucco, Daniela
  • Palma, Amalia

The purpose of this document is to promote deliberation on public policies aimed at children in the digital age. Strategies that allow new...

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April 2020 |
  • Clément, Matthieu
  • Fauré, Yves-André
  • Berrou, Jean-Philippe
  • Combarnous, François
  • Darbon, Dominique

This article aims to analyse the composition of the Brazilian middle class and its main behaviours and expectations. Combining a quantitative...

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December 2019 |
  • Souza, Helson Gomes de
  • Tabosa, Francisco José Silva
  • Araujo, Jair Andrade

This study sets out to obtain values for the income elasticities and inequality of poverty in urban and rural areas of the Brazilian states. A...

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December 2017 |
  • Araujo, Jair Andrade
  • Marinho, Emerson
  • Campêlo, Guaracyane Lima

We use panel data for Brazilian states from 1995 to 2009 to analyse the impact of economic growth and income inequality on poverty change in...

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December 2016 |
  • Tabosa, Francisco José Silva
  • Castelar, Pablo Urano De Carvalho
  • Irffi, Guilherme

This study analyses the impact of economic growth and income inequality on poverty in Brazil in the years from 1981 to 2013. A dynamic panel model...

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August 2015 |
  • Perobelli, Fernando Salgueiro
  • Andrade, Mônica Viegas
  • Domingues, Edson Paulo
  • Sousa Santiago, Flaviane
  • De Assis Cabral, Joilson
  • Barbosa Rodrigues, Lucas

This article provides a systemic analysis of the health sector in Brazil, based on a study of its productive structure and its interactions with...

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August 2008 |
  • Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo
  • Simão, Rosycler Cristal Santos

This paper analyses the effects of gender discrimination on povertyin Brazil between 1992 and 2001, using data obtained from the NationalHousehold...