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November 2019 |
  • Contreras Lisperguer, Rubén
  • Lindberg, Julia
  • Dantas, Guilherme
  • Falcão, Djalma
  • Taranto, Glauco
  • Ferreira, Daniel

The Brazilian energy sector has reached a preeminent point in its history and has the potential to transform the livelihoods of thousands through...

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December 2018 |
  • Diniz, Marcelo Bentes
  • Alves, Vanesa Da Paixão
  • diniz, Márcia Jucá Teixeira

The article discusses whether deforestation in the Amazonian region should be considered a typical case of market failure and computes the...

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June 2017 |
  • Ulloa, Felipe

This issue of the FAL Bulletin presents a tool for estimating demand for freight transport by using input-output tables. It shows how the method...

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August 2000 |
German Agency for Technical Cooperation
NU. CEPAL. Unidad de Financiamiento

Abstract This paper analyzes the recent development of pension funds in Brazil in the 1990s (and especially in the second half of this decade). It...