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November 2019 |
  • Contreras Lisperguer, Rubén
  • Lindberg, Julia
  • Dantas, Guilherme
  • Falcão, Djalma
  • Taranto, Glauco
  • Ferreira, Daniel

The Brazilian energy sector has reached a preeminent point in its history and has the potential to transform the livelihoods of thousands through...

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August 2018 |
  • Santetti, Márcio
  • Marqueti, Adalmir
  • Morrone, Henrique

In this study, technical progress is analysed in terms of its influence on the mix of inputs of labour, capital and energy that go into the...

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August 2017 |
  • Dos Santos, Ulisses Pereira

Regional inequality is an intrinsic characteristic of economic underdevelopment. Some structuralists have attributed this feature to the unequal...

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April 2016 |
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December 2015 |
  • Schatan, Claudia
  • Enríquez, Leobardo

This study investigates the extent to which the digital boom has had repercussions on productive activity, in terms of both manufacturing (ict...

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August 2006 |
  • Suzigan, Wilson
  • Furtado, João

This article examines some theoretical approaches in support of
industrial policy in Brazil, with special emphasis on the neo-Schumpeterian/...