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Explore our exclusive selection of publications on International Trade and Integration, where we address crucial issues such as trade and the environment, innovation, and the insertion of Latin America and the Caribbean into the global economy. Delve into the analysis of South-South trade and the growing relationship between Latin America and Asia-Pacific. You will be able to understand the dynamics of multilateral negotiations, trade policy, trade facilitation, and the impacts of trade agreements. Highlighted topics: Trade and the environment, Innovation, Insertion into the global economy, South-South trade, Relationship between Latin America and Asia-Pacific, Multilateral negotiations, Trade policy, Trade facilitation, Trade agreements.

Relación entre América Latina y Asia-Pacífico
Comercio, sostenibilidad y cambio climático
Integración regional y cadenas de valor
Panorama de la Inserción Internacional de América Latina y el Caribe
Acuerdos comerciales y facilitación del comercio
Infraestructura, logística y transporte
Comercio y pobreza
Serie Comercio internacional