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Child Poverty, Inequality and Citizenship Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean. ECLAC-UNICEF

1 November 2015 to 30 December 2018|Project/Programme

The project´s objective is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of social policies to combat child poverty and inequality and to expand access to social protection mechanisms in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Implementation Strategy

Four components are to be developed :  1. The evaluation of current policies and programmes regarding access of children to social protection mechanisms; 2. The analysis of key education policies and initiatives in the region to improve learning and education opportunities of children and adolescents; 3. The analysis of fiscal policy with a potential to improve children’s living conditions; and 4. The analysis of measurement options of multiple deprivations in childhood, in order to support countries’ monitoring of the 1.2 target of the Sustainable Development Goal.


The generated knowledge is expected to increase the capacity of Governments to formulate effective and efficient public policies regarding the access of children to social protection and education, the relevance of children within public spending and budgets, and the specific needs of children belonging to vulnerable groups and households.