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MATERNILAC-Caribbean database: Tables of motherhood by educational level are included for the first time

15 September 2017|Briefing note

In addition to the 12 new tables included a few weeks ago, now users and visitors of MATERNILAC-Caribbean will find 2 new tables containing standardized census information on educational level and motherhood, disaggregated, as always, by age level and age groups.

The new tables are the following:

  • Relative distribution of Mothers /Non Mothers /Total Women by educational level and single age (There is imputation for Non Mothers) 
    Percentage of mothers by groups of educational level and single age (There is imputation for Non Mothers)

Unlike MATERNILAC Latin America, in which educational levels are defined according to completed years of schooling in most of the countries, for the Caribbean educational levels attained were used based on the available information from the censuses, as explained in the metadata. Following the standard of MATERNILAC, these tables use the variable MOTHERHOOD that imputes the omitted values and does not apply to the condition "Non Mothers". The inclusion of these tables completes the standard set of MATERNILAC tables for the Caribbean. Future updates will include the incorporation of new countries providing their census database, in particular from the 2010 round, to CELADE.