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27 April 2015 | Press Release
Latin America’s 40 most important cities generate 30% of GDP, making this developing region the most urbanized in the world.
De izquierda a derecha, Rodolfo Lacy, Subsecretario de Planeación y Política Ambiental de México; Fernanda Garza, Presidenta de ICC México; Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid, Director Adjunto de la Sede Subregional de la CEPAL en México; Harold McGraw, Presidente de ICC, y Andreas Villar, Director del Programa Alianza Mexicana-Alemana de Cambio Climático.
15 de April de 2015 | News
Representantes del sector público y privado se reúnen en México en el marco de debates previos a la COP21, en París, a fines de 2015.
31 March 2015 | News
Both institutions signed a cooperation agreement last January.
Vista geral da cidade de Bogotá.
31 March 2015 | News
Report classifies the country’s 23 main cities into six groups: elderly, mature, adult, big and young, adolescent and embryonic.
26 March 2015 | News
The international community will adopt new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a Special Summit of the United Nations on Sustainable Development scheduled for September 2015 in New York.
23 March 2015 | Press Release
During a meeting of ECLAC’s Committee of the Whole in New York, Norway’s incorporation as a member of the Commission was accepted, along with other matters.
22 March 2015 | Statement
“Some 750 million people -- more than one in ten of the world’s population -- remain without access to an improved water supply”, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in this annual message.
21 March 2015 | Statement
"Sustaining healthy forests and mitigating and adapting to climate change are two sides of the same coin", United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in this annual message.
13 March 2015 | News
Caribbean experts will meet in Saint Lucia on Sunday 15 March 2015, to discuss strategies for implementing the Sids Accelerated Modalities for Action (SAMOA) Pathway in the region.
9 de February de 2015 | News
Las investigaciones fueron realizadas en el marco del programa EUROCLIMA.
foto de Alicia Bárcena
6 de February de 2015 | News
El documento presentado en Beijing recopila artículos de expertos chinos y latinoamericanos.
23 January 2015 | Press Release
During her participation at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Alicia Bárcena moderated a session on the Latin American context and spoke to authorities and business people about the governance of natural resources.
Foto de la testera de la inauguración del curso sobre educación ambiental
12 January 2015 | News
The second international course on environmental education opened today at ECLAC headquarters.
8 de January de 2015 | Announcement
El curso internacional Educación para el desarrollo sustentable: El territorio como un espacio educativo será inaugurado el 12 de enero en la sede del organismo regional de Naciones Unidas.
Página web RIOCC
12 December 2014 | News
Twenty-one countries are part of the Ibero-American Network of Climate Change Offices, which celebrated its anniversary in an event in Lima with the attendance of senior government officials from the region.
11 December 2014 | News
Senior United Nations officials and representatives from research centers took part in an event held in Lima, Peru in the framework of the 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 20).
10 December 2014 | Press Release
By the year 2100, the economic losses related to this phenomenon could range between 11.4% and 15.4% of national GDP.
10 December 2014 | Press Release
ECLAC offers a diagnosis and numerous policy recommendations in a new report that estimates this phenomenon’s economic costs in Latin America and the Caribbean.
9 December 2014 | Announcement
ECLAC and the Government of Peru will hold a press conference on Wednesday 10 December during the COP 20 being held in the capital of that country.
5 December 2014 | News
ECLAC participated in a side event organized by EUROCLIMA programme at the COP20 in Lima, Peru.