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26 September 2019 | Press Release
A year after being opened for signature, the first regional treaty on environmental matters was signed today by two countries and ratified by five nations at the global organization’s headquarters in New York.
Diane Quarless, Alicia Bárcena and Daniel Titelman
23 September 2019 | News
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary met with the Prime Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the framework of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly being held in New York.
foto de la visita a El Salvador
13 de September de 2019 | News
La Secretaria Ejecutiva del organismo regional de las Naciones Unidas, Alicia Bárcena, se reunió en San Salvador con diversas autoridades del país centroamericano.
12 de September de 2019 | Press Release
En el marco de una visita oficial, Alicia Bárcena se reunió con el Presidente del país, Jimmy Morales, y el Presidente electo para 2020-2024, Alejandro Giammattei, entre otras autoridades.
De izquierda a derecha: Jeannette Sánchez, Directora de la División de Recursos Naturales de la CEPAL; Jorge Cantallopts, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Cochilco; Augusto Cauti, Viceministro de Minas de Perú; Joseluis Samaniego, Director de la División de Desarrollo Sostenible y Asentamientos Humanos de la CEPAL; y Christian Hellbach, Embajador de la República Federal de Alemania en Chile.
5 de September de 2019 | News
En diálogo multiactor realizado en la sede del organismo en Santiago de Chile, los participantes llamaron a avanzar hacia sinergias entre minería, cambio climático y la búsqueda de un desarrollo más justo y sostenible.
Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL
26 de August de 2019 | News
Durante seminario de la Escuela de Verano 2019, la Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL reiteró que la igualdad es un instrumento de desarrollo, ya que es el sustento para una buena economía.
7 August 2019 | Press Release
The United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean met with ECLAC’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, and gave a press conference.
foto Peter Thomson
1 August 2019 | Announcement
On Wednesday, August 7, Peter Thomson will meet with Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the UN regional organization, and will hold a press conference afterwards at the Commission’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile.
25 July 2019 | News
Regional technicians gathered for an expert group meeting (EGM) hosted by ECLAC Caribbean to discuss intense rainfall, storm surges and hurricanes which have resulted in an increased number of flooding events in the Caribbean over recent times.
Foto del taller
22 de July de 2019 | News
Autoridades y expertos del sector de varios países se reúnen en la CEPAL para compartir experiencias y promover encadenamientos productivos e inversiones limpias en la minería.
19 July 2019 | Press Release
A mixed balance emerges for the region following this week’s UN 2019 High-Level Political Forum in New York, where ECLAC participated actively in various sessions.
Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL (a la izquierda), durante el evento organizado por el Pacto Mundial de las Naciones Unidas.
18 July 2019 | News
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary took part in an event organized by the UN Global Compact and the permanent missions of Argentina and Lebanon on the sidelines of the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development going on through Friday in New York.
Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL, durante la reunión sobre el apoyo a los Estados en el cumplimiento de la Agenda 2030
17 July 2019 | News
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, led a meeting with representatives of Chile, Guatemala and Guyana on how the UN system can support countries on their path toward sustainable development.
16 July 2019 | Press Release
In the context of the 2019 High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary took part in different sessions in which she addressed the importance of local action, combating inequality in the 21st century and the role played by regional commissions in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.
Reunión sobre el Acuerdo de Escazú, realizada en Nueva York el lunes 15 de julio de 2019
15 July 2019 | News
During a side-event to the 2019 United Nations High-Level Political Forum, experts reaffirm the importance of the Escazú Agreement for Latin America and the Caribbean.
21 June 2019 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, concluded a two-day visit to Spain where she presented the report “Latin American Economic Outlook 2019” and held meetings with government authorities, among other activities.
Banner ECLAC Notes 100, Anniversary Edition
17 June 2019 | News
Over its 21 years in existence, this bulletin has become a key instrument for communicating ECLAC’s ideas regarding the development of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Taller tejidos territoriales realizado en Colombia
17 June 2019 | News
The organization’s office in that country held a workshop of experts on the conceptual framework of the project it is implementing, which forms part of the United Nations Development Account.
Portada del documento.
17 June 2019 | News
The social cost of carbon identifies the economic cost that an additional tonne of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere entails for economic activities, social well-being and ecosystems.
logo ECLAC Brasilia in English
13 June 2019 | News
Researchers, private-sector professionals, businesspeople, representatives of civil society, policymakers and civil servants are invited to submit case studies.