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23 August 2022 | Press Release
In a new edition of its flagship annual report “Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean,” the United Nations organization underlines the challenges of reactivating investment and growth in a context of growing external and domestic restrictions.
2 December 2020 | Press Release
The structural problems of Latin American and Caribbean economies and new international scenarios make it essential for FDI to contribute to driving development with equality and environmental sustainability in the region, ECLAC says in its annual report on this topic.
20 de April de 2020 | Press Release
Principal publicación académica del organismo incluye además artículos sobre determinantes de la productividad laboral en México, un enfoque regional para estudiar la diversidad industrial en Argentina y la anatomía de la clase media brasileña, entre otros temas.
14 August 2019 | Press Release
In an international context of reduced flows and strong competition, national policies must attract FDI that contributes to creating local capacities and fostering sustainable development, ECLAC says in its annual report.
31 July 2019 | Press Release
ECLAC presents its Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighting the importance of expanding fiscal space and reorienting investment, productivity and monetary policies to spur the economies of countries in the region.
29 August 2018 | Press Release
The organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, presented the document “The Inefficiency of Inequality” during a keynote speech made at UNAM, in Mexico City.
23 August 2018 | Press Release
ECLAC released today its Economic Survey 2018, in which it offers a profound analysis of the evolution of investment in the region.
5 July 2018 | Press Release
In a new annual report, ECLAC calls on governments to incentivize quality investment that is compatible with sustainable development.
27 June 2018 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary inaugurated a meeting today at which a joint document produced by the five United Nations regional commissions was presented.
11 April 2018 | Press Release
The organization updated its growth projections for the region.
15 May 2017 | Press Release
The organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, indicated that Latin America and the Caribbean “cannot be left behind” during a high-level Forum held in Beijing.
6 April 2017 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary is participating in the annual gathering being held through Friday in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
4 April 2017 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary was one of the main speakers at the IV International Investment Forum Chile, inaugurated by the country’s president, Michelle Bachelet.
29 March 2017 | Press Release
The Executive Secretary of the United Nations regional organization, Alicia Bárcena, spoke today at the XVI Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Tuxtla Dialogue and Agreement Mechanism, held in San Jose, Costa Rica.
22 March 2017 | Press Release
New report from ECLAC highlights significant divergences in fiscal dynamics between subregions of Latin America and the Caribbean.
20 de December de 2016 | Press Release
El Director de la División de Desarrollo Económico, Daniel Titelman, es entrevistado en la tercera entrega del nuevo programa audiovisual del organismo regional de las Naciones Unidas.
14 December 2016 | Press Release
After two consecutive years of decline, the region will grow by 1.3% in the upcoming year in a complex international scenario, according to ECLAC’s new projections.
7 de December de 2016 | Press Release
Publicación académica incluye además artículos sobre la cesación de pagos y sus riesgos macroeconómicos y análisis laborales de Chile, México y Uruguay, entre otros temas.
23 de November de 2016 | Press Release
La Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL, Alicia Bárcena, inauguró un seminario organizado en el marco de las actividades del Consejo Regional de Planificación del ILPES.
23 November 2016 | Press Release
A report by ECLAC highlights dissatisfaction with globalization and projects a 5% contraction in regional exports in 2016, marking four consecutive years of declines.