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13 November 2014 | Press Release
Comprehensive sex education and sexual and reproductive health services should be a priority in youth-oriented public policies, a study by ECLAC emphasizes.
31 October 2014 | Press Release
It is estimated that 60% of the region’s children get their first mobile telephone by the age of 12, ECLAC and UNICEF say.
22 October 2014 | Press Release
Indigenous peoples account for 8.3 % of the region's total population, according to a study by the United Nations organization launched in New York.
31 de March de 2014 | Press Release
Alrededor de 20 % de los adolescentes de 12 a 18 años, varones y mujeres, no asiste a un establecimiento educativo en la región, según un estudio conjunto.
20 de January de 2014 | Press Release
Según el Panorama Fiscal 2014, de la CEPAL, el aumento de los ingresos fiscales de los países ha dado espacio para una mayor inversión y gasto social.
5 October 2013 | Press Release
The Commission's Deputy Executive Secretary represented the five United Nations regional commissions at the Second High-Level Dialogue on International Migration and Development.
12 September 2013 | Press Release
Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, took part in the Government Leaders Forum in Brazil.
24 July 2013 | Press Release
She stressed that equality is the guiding principle for a paradigm change in Latin America and the Caribbean.
13 June 2013 | Press Release
Mexico could assign more resources in these areas and make progress towards a knowledge society, according to Alicia Bárcena.
22 March 2013 | Press Release
The publication presented today as part of International Women's Day includes various recommendations on not reproducing economic gender inequality.
13 de November de 2012 | Press Release
Pese a los avances registrados en algunos países, nueve de cada 10 niños indígenas sufren algún tipo de privación en la región.
2 August 2012 | Press Release
In the report launched in Quito, both UN organizations called for leveraging the current demographic bond experienced in the countries in the region.
27 April 2012 | Press Release
Education is one of the fundamental assets for achieving an equal development, stated Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of this UN body.
28 February 2012 | Press Release
The average tax to GDP ratio in 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC) rose from 14.9% in 1990 to 19.2% in 2009.
30 January 2012 | Press Release
The agreement establishes academic cooperation in areas relating to the economic and social development of the region.
29 de September de 2011 | Press Release
Estos programas, claves para mejorar el acceso de los más pobres a alimentos, salud y educación, serán analizados en un seminario internacional el 29 y 30 de septiembre en Santiago de Chile.
12 September 2011 | Press Release
Agencies of the United Nations presented a document proposing a strategy for the conference which will take place in Brazil in 2012.
3 August 2011 | Press Release
Other topics included are student violence and school performance, and the competitiveness of tourism in the Caribbean.
17 May 2011 | Press Release
Research included the lack of basic rights and social and economic deprivation to measure child poverty.
27 December 2010 | Press Release
Brazil has the largest number of beneficiaries, followed by Mexico and Colombia.