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28 November 2019 | Press Release
The economic commission noted that the upward trend for poverty in Latin America held firm and called for resuming the construction of comprehensive and universal social compacts, during the launch of its Social Panorama 2019 report today in Chile.
21 November 2019 | Announcement
On Thursday, November 28, ECLAC’s Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena will launch in Chile the Social Panorama of Latin America 2019 report.
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13 de November de 2019 | News
El programa, dirigido a funcionarios públicos, entrega las bases conceptuales de la protección social a lo largo del ciclo de vida de las personas bajo un enfoque de derechos, con énfasis en la gestión del territorio.
3 October 2019 | Press Release
That is the primary outcome of the Third Meeting of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, a gathering convened by ECLAC, the government of Mexico and the UNDP, which concluded this Thursday in the Mexican capital.
1 October 2019 | Press Release
The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, led the inauguration of this event.
1 de October de 2019 | Speech
Palabras de Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL.
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17 June 2019 | News
A new book published by the United Nations regional organization analyses the importance of non-contributory social protection programmes in the region.
22 May 2019 | Infographic
Coverage of social protection has grown in the region, but it is still far from universal. It is fundamental to develop comprehensive social protection systems.
Manfred Haebig, Mario Cimoli,  y Laís Abramo Directora
3 April 2019 | News
A seminar on the subject was inaugurated in Santiago de Chile, by senior representatives of ECLAC and the German Cooperation GIZ.
El Ministro de Desarrollo Social de Paraguay, Mario Varela, y la Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL, Alicia Bárcena, durante la firma del convenio
18 de February de 2019 | News
Ministro Mario Varela (MDS) y Secretaria Ejecutiva de la comisión regional de las Naciones Unidas, Alicia Bárcena, sostuvieron una reunión en la sede del organismo en Santiago, Chile.
15 January 2019 | Press Release
ECLAC released its report Social Panorama 2018 today in Chile, including new revisions to the methodology used by the organization to estimate monetary poverty in the region, as well as new measurements on functional inequality, social spending and double labor and social inclusion.
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9 January 2019 | Announcement
On Tuesday, January 15, Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena will give a press conference at the regional organization’s headquarters in Santiago, Chile.
Logo primer conversatorio CEPAL-UNICEF.
22 de November de 2018 | Announcement
La reunión, organizada por la comisión regional de las Naciones Unidas y la Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe de UNICEF, se celebrará del 27 al 29 de noviembre en Santiago, Chile.
Foto de curso sobre erogaciones sociales realizado en Uruguay
25 June 2018 | News
The course was organized by ECLAC’s office in Montevideo, in the framework of an agreement with that country’s Ministry of Social Development.
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12 de June de 2018 | News
Seminario sobre migración e inclusión, organizado por la CEPAL y la SISCA, se extenderá hasta el jueves 14 en San Salvador.
20 December 2017 | Press Release
In Mexico today ECLAC launched its report Social Panorama 2017, which includes an update to the methodology used to estimate monetary poverty in the region.
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18 December 2017 | Announcement
The United Nations organization will unveil its report Social Panorama 2017 at a press conference in Mexico on Wednesday 20 December.
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27 November 2017 | News
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary presented the book “Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free society and a Sane Economy,” by Philippe Van Parijs and Yannick Vanderborght, at the Guadalajara International Book Fair.
27 October 2017 | Press Release
The Second Meeting of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized by ECLAC, concluded today in Uruguay.
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4 September 2017 | News
The Second Session of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, a subsidiary body of ECLAC, will be held on October 25-27, 2017 in Montevideo, Uruguay.