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25 June 2022 | News
The event’s main panels will be transmitted live from June 28 to June 30, 2022. The invitation on social media is to participate in the debates using the hashtags #poblaciónALC and #populationLAC.
17 June 2022 | Press Release
The United Nations organizations analyze the effects of and recovery from the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the region’s labor markets in 2021, spotlighting the evolution of real wages.
10 de May de 2022 | Fact sheet
Resumen del artículo publicado en Revista CEPAL N° 136, abril de 2022. Autor: Dídimo Castillo Fernández.
10 de May de 2022 | Fact sheet
Resumen del artículo publicado en Revista CEPAL N° 136, abril de 2022. Autores: Jeruza Haber Alves dos Santos, Leonardo Bornacki de Mattos y Luciano Dias de Carvalho.
10 de May de 2022 | Press Release
Principal publicación académica del organismo incluye además artículos sobre la acumulación del capital en la región, cambio tecnológico y mercados laborales, entre otros temas.
27 April 2022 | Press Release
Today ECLAC released new economic projections for the countries of the region. Lower expected growth will be accompanied by higher inflation and slow employment recovery.
Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC's Executive Secretary, during her presentation.
24 March 2022 | News
The Executive Secretary of the regional Commission participated today in the launch of a special issue of El Trimestre Económico dedicated to reviewing the organization’s work over the last ten years.
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17 de March de 2022 | News
Informe elaborado por la CEPAL y AECID fue presentado en un seminario virtual en el que participaron destacados analistas internacionales.
25 January 2022 | Press Release
In its annual report Social Panorama of Latin America, ECLAC estimates that the number of people living in extreme poverty rose by around 5 million between 2020 and 2021. The United Nations organization calls for moving towards universal, comprehensive, sustainable and resilient social protection systems.
12 January 2022 | Press Release
In its annual report Preliminary Overview of the Economies 2021, ECLAC emphasizes that 2022 will be a year of major challenges for growth, job creation and tackling the pandemic’s social toll.
30 November 2021 | Press Release
In a new joint report, the two UN organizations indicate that in the medium term it will be necessary to rebuild more resilient labour markets and foster formalization.
Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC's Executive Secretary.
4 November 2021 | News
Alicia Bárcena participated today in the twenty-second Regional Conference of Cooperatives of the Americas.
8 October 2021 | News
An international seminar organized by ECLAC on October 6-7 announced the key findings of a project financed by the United Nations Development Account.
Foto Brasil
29 September 2021 | News
ECLAC’s Office in Brazil, DIEESE and FES Brasil launched a report on The Big Push for Sustainability and the dynamics of employment, work and income: Work in the context of the Brazilian economy’s social and ecological transformation.
Alicia Bárcena, Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL
28 September 2021 | News
The organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, stressed the importance of international cooperation to redistribute concessional funding to the nations most affected by the crisis, at a high-level event held in the framework of the UN General Assembly.
Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC's Executive Secretary.
21 September 2021 | News
Alicia Bárcena, the organization’s Executive Secretary, participated in the 14th National Dialogue for a Social Mexico: Development and Society after the Pandemic, organized by the UNAM’s University Program for Development Studies.
31 August 2021 | Press Release
ECLAC’s new annual report warns that the crisis has worsened the region’s structural problems, forecasts a deceleration for next year, and affirms that in order to sustain inclusive, dynamic and sustainable growth, more investment and employment are needed.
Banner Economic Survey 2021 ENG
24 August 2021 | Announcement
One of the organization’s main annual economic reports will be unveiled by Alicia Bárcena at a virtual press conference, on Tuesday, August 31.
Panel de la reunión.
11 de August de 2021 | News
La Secretaria Ejecutiva de la CEPAL participó hoy en un evento organizado por la Iniciativa Social para América Latina y el Caribe (ISALC).
Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC
6 July 2021 | Announcement
The organization’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, will unveil the document during a virtual press conference on Thursday, July 8, held from the institution’s central headquarters in Santiago, Chile.