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Photo of the Principle 10 meeting in Panama
30 October 2015 | News
The third meeting of the negotiating committee on the regional instrument will take place in April 2016 in Uruguay.
28 October 2015 | Press Release
The second meeting to negotiate a regional instrument on access to information, public participation and justice in environmental matters began on Tuesday in Panama.
22 October 2015 | News
Press release of the Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights (OHCHR).
Delegates Principle 10
22 October 2015 | Announcement
The second meeting of the negotiating committee on the regional agreement will be held October 27-29. Follow the live broadcast.
Aerial picture of a Caribbean island
25 August 2015 | News
In Saint Lucia, delegates will also learn about the negotiation process for forging a regional agreement on Principle 10.
Portada del documento sobre gasto ambiental en Chile
1 de July de 2015 | News
Estudio desarrollado por la CEPAL y el Gobierno chileno presentó una estimación del gasto público en protección del medio ambiente.
28 de May de 2015 | Press Release
Presidente de Honduras dictó conferencia magistral en la sede del organismo en Santiago, Chile.
7 May 2015 | Press Release
With the incorporation of Antigua and Barbuda, 20 countries agreed the organization and working plan for the second round of negotiations.
Banner Declaración Principio 10
5 de May de 2015 | News
Comenzó en la sede de la CEPAL reunión del comité de negociación sobre derechos de acceso a la información, participación y justicia ambientales.
23 March 2015 | Press Release
During a meeting of ECLAC’s Committee of the Whole in New York, Norway’s incorporation as a member of the Commission was accepted, along with other matters.
13 February 2014 | Statement
Not nearly enough women's voices are heard, either in front or behind the microphone, says in his message the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.