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27 June 2021 | Op-ed
By Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, and Jutta Urpilainen, Commissioner for International Partnerships of the European Commission.
9 July 2020 | Statement
Message by the United Nations' Secretary-General, António Guterres, for the launch of policy brief on the impact of COVID-19 on Latin America and the Caribbean.
14 August 2018 | Op-ed
Op-ed by Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Stefano Manservisi, Director-General of International Cooperation and Development at the European Commission, and Mario Pezzini, Director of the Development Center at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Special Adviser to the OECD Secretary-General on Development (Project Syndicate).
13 July 2018 | Op-ed
Op-ed by Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, about the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development 2018 (HLPF).
29 November 2016 | Op-ed
Op-ed by Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC (November 2016).
24 September 2015 | Op-ed
Op-ed by Alicia Bárcena, ECLAC Executive Secretary (September 2015).
12 June 2015 | Op-ed
Op-ed by ECLAC Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena (June 2015).
20 February 2015 | Statement
"This year’s commemoration focuses on the scourge of human trafficking and the plight of approximately 21 million women, men and children in various forms of modern slavery", Ban Ki-moon says in his message.
10 de July de 2014 | Statement
"Hago un llamamiento a todas las personas con influencia para que den prioridad a los jóvenes en los planes de desarrollo", dice Ban Ki-moon, Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas.
21 March 2014 | Statement
"It is estimated that 1.6 billion people depend on forests for food, fuel, shelter and income", says the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.