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22 December 2010 | Fact sheet
Fact sheet. Macroeconomics for development: from "financierism" to "productivism"
22 December 2010 | Fact sheet
Fact sheet: World economic crises, scarce economic resources and the concentration of wealth
22 December 2010 | Fact sheet
Fact sheet. The paradox of progressivity in countries with low levels of taxation: Income tax in Guatemala
22 December 2010 | Press Release
In Cancún, ECLAC presented a report on the potential economic costs of climate change in the region by the end of the century if global mitigation and adaptive actions are not taken.
22 December 2010 | Press Release
Academics and experts also write about topics including taxation in Guatemala and income distribution in Peru.
22 December 2010 | Press Release
Use of information and communications technologies generates productivity gains and development with equality
13 December 2010 | Press Release
Report presents the most recent economic growth estimates for the region's countries in 2010.
9 December 2010 | Press Release
"The United Nations Convention against Corruption has helped the public sector to make progress in deterring these crimes"
8 December 2010 | Press Release
The study, which will be launched in Cancún on 8 December, outlines the economic consequences of global warming measured in GDP percentages in different potential scenarios of higher temperatures.
7 December 2010 | Press Release
Document was presented at the 6th Ibero-American Business Meeting held in Argentina.
1 December 2010 | Fact sheet
Gráfico con la estimación correspondiente a 18 países de América Latina y el Caribe más Haití. Muestra cifras en porcentaje y número total de personas pobres (indigentes más pobres no indigentes).
1 December 2010 | Press Release
Thanks to the region's economic recovery, the number of poor people will fall to the same levels as in 2008 (180 million inhabitants).
29 November 2010 | Press Release
"Let the year ahead be the one in which we realize, finally, a just and lasting peace in the Middle East based on Security Council resolutions and previous agreements"
25 November 2010 | Press Release
Authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean approved the eLAC2015 Plan that aims to promote the use of ICTs as a means of achieving more inclusive development
25 November 2010 | Press Release
The Social Panorama, which proposes long-term policies to tackle inequality, will be presented by the Executive Secretary of ECLAC, Alicia Bárcena, in Chile on 30 November.
25 November 2010 | Press Release
Alicia Bárcena stressed the urgency of tackling the inequality that still prevails in the region.
25 November 2010 | Press Release
In an ECLAC meeting, countries will adopt a plan that considers information and communications technologies as instruments of development with innovation and competitiveness.
21 November 2010 | Press Release
Authorities and delegates from over 30 Latin American and Caribbean countries debate the challenges that need to be overcome in order for women to achieve full autonomy.
16 November 2010 | Statement
"Tolerance is vital for building a single global society around shared values"
16 November 2010 | Press Release
The accomplishments of cooperation efforts between Germany and ECLAC in areas such as social equality, the role of the State, taxation, climate change, energy efficiency and sustainable development were reviewed.