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22 September 2017 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary participated in a meeting of the United Nations regional commissions on the prospects of the Global Compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.
22 September 2017 | News
During 24-29 September 2017, the ECLAC Damage and Loss Assessment (DALA) Team will carry out an extensive Economic Impact Assessment on those islands in the Bahamas which were affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria.
21 September 2017 | News
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary participated today in New York in the second high-level ministerial meeting of like-minded nations that support middle income countries.
20 September 2017 | Press Release
Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the United Nations regional commission, moderated the V CEO Investment Summit of the bloc in New York, attended by the presidents of Chile and Colombia, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Mexico and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru.
20 September 2017 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary moderated a high-level event in New York convened by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and her government, in which leaders and authorities from Colombia, Costa Rica, Curaçao, Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines and Spain participated.
19 September 2017 | News
Alicia Bárcena, the regional organization’s Executive Secretary, spoke at a high-level event on the use of data and technology that was held in the framework of the UN General Assembly’s 72nd session.
7 September 2017 | Press Release
ECLAC’s Executive Secretary participated in a symposium organized in Buenos Aires by the Argentine government and the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
7 September 2017 | Press Release
Executive Secretary of the UN organization, Alicia Bárcena, sent a letter to Heads of States of all islands struck by the storm season in the last two weeks.
6 September 2017 | News
The United Nations regional organization’s document offers a multidimensional overview of the urbanization process and cities, contemplating social, economic, environmental and governance-related aspects.
6 September 2017 | Announcement
Peru will host the XV Conference of Ministers and Heads of Planning of Latin America and the Caribbean and the XVI Meeting of the Regional Council for Planning, on October 11-13 in Lima.
5 September 2017 | News
A series of consultations designed to explain the importance of pursuing public expenditure reviews (PERs) as part of the budget process were conducted recently in Belize with Government Chief Executive Officers, representatives from line Ministries and finance officers.
5 September 2017 | Press Release
The Chilean economist delivered the XV Prebisch Lecture today at ECLAC’s headquarters in Chile, where he was received by Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the UN regional organization.
4 September 2017 | News
The organization’s Buenos Aires Office presented two new publications about the cases of Tucuman and Chaco.
4 September 2017 | News
The Second Session of the Regional Conference on Social Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, a subsidiary body of ECLAC, will be held on October 25-27, 2017 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
4 September 2017 | News
The government of Uruguay, with support from the United Nations System, organized a series of gatherings in preparation for the ECLAC event that will take place in late October in Montevideo.
4 September 2017 | News
ECLAC Office in Washington released a new report on capital flows.
4 September 2017 | News
The body’s Subregional Headquarters in Mexico did case studies for El Salvador and Honduras.
4 September 2017 | News
ECLAC and ALIDE held a seminar in Peru on promoting development bank financial innovation policies on this issue.
4 September 2017 | Announcement
La CEPAL organiza los encuentros en conjunto con otras instituciones en el marco del proyecto Euromipyme que desarrolla con la Unión Europea.
30 August 2017 | Speech
Welcome Remarks by Alicia Barcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC.