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15 de December de 2014 | Press Release
Publicación académica aborda también la productividad en la región y los cambios en las políticas hacia las familias, entre otros temas.
10 December 2014 | Press Release
By the year 2100, the economic losses related to this phenomenon could range between 11.4% and 15.4% of national GDP.
10 December 2014 | Press Release
ECLAC offers a diagnosis and numerous policy recommendations in a new report that estimates this phenomenon’s economic costs in Latin America and the Caribbean.
9 December 2014 | Press Release
OECD, CAF and ECLAC launched today their joint publication Latin American Economic Outlook 2015.
2 December 2014 | Press Release
ECLAC forecasts that regional GDP will grow just 1.1% in 2014.
24 November 2014 | Press Release
A greater convergence between both blocs would encourage structural change in favor of equality, according to ECLAC.
19 de November de 2014 | Press Release
Estudio de CEPAL y OIJ hace un detallado repaso por los principales programas sectoriales que impactan directa o indirectamente sobre este grupo.
18 November 2014 | Press Release
A new report by ECLAC, which evaluates two decades of gender equality policies, was presented at an event inaugurated by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.
14 de November de 2014 | Press Release
A través de una serie de videos, infografías y otros materiales informativos, la CEPAL invita a reflexionar y a actuar para lograr una mayor igualdad de género en la región.
13 November 2014 | Press Release
Comprehensive sex education and sexual and reproductive health services should be a priority in youth-oriented public policies, a study by ECLAC emphasizes.
12 November 2014 | Press Release
ECLAC study reviews demographic trends that will be discussed at the first meeting of the Presiding Officers of the Regional Conference on Population and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean.
11 November 2014 | Press Release
Intraregional migration flows have intensified in recent years, according to a new study by ECLAC.
7 November 2014 | Press Release
At present 11 countries in the region have classified femicide or feminicide in their laws, said the United Nations organization in a report.
6 November 2014 | Press Release
ECLAC Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, was part of the team that prepared a special report on this matter.
6 November 2014 | Press Release
Regional instrument will seek to effectively guarantee access to information, participation and environmental justice.
3 November 2014 | Press Release
Authorities, experts and representatives of farmer’s organizations meet at ECLAC. A document that compiles case studies in 11 countries of the region was presented during the event.
31 October 2014 | Press Release
It is estimated that 60% of the region’s children get their first mobile telephone by the age of 12, ECLAC and UNICEF say.
30 October 2014 | Press Release
Alicia Bárcena met with the President of Cuba’s Council of State, Raúl Castro, and gave a keynote lecture at the University of Havana.
24 October 2014 | Press Release
The absence of big corporate acquisitions and a slowdown in mining investments are seen as the main factors, ECLAC reported.
22 October 2014 | Press Release
Indigenous peoples account for 8.3 % of the region's total population, according to a study by the United Nations organization launched in New York.