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29 December 2011 | Press Release
Organization warns that if the situation in the Eurozone gets worse, the international context could deteriorate.
13 December 2011 | Press Release
Publication presents the latest estimates for economic growth in the countries of the region in 2011.
29 November 2011 | Press Release
The Organization predicts that the region will close this year with three million people less living in poverty.
25 de November de 2011 | Press Release
Secretario Ejecutivo Adjunto del organismo, Antonio Prado, participó en la 2ª Conferencia sobre el Desarrollo en Brasil.
24 November 2011 | Press Release
The Executive Secretary of the Organization, Alicia Bárcena, will present the flagship publication which shows the latest poverty and indigence figures and examines various social gaps which exist in the region.
28 October 2011 | Press Release
The report LEO 2012 recommends that the region implement new policies to enhance competitiveness and economic diversification.
5 October 2011 | Press Release
The catalogue includes the most recent titles, which can be downloaded free, and facilitates the access to 1,500 publications produced over the last 20 years.
29 de September de 2011 | Press Release
Estos programas, claves para mejorar el acceso de los más pobres a alimentos, salud y educación, serán analizados en un seminario internacional el 29 y 30 de septiembre en Santiago de Chile.
12 September 2011 | Press Release
Countries will take the recommendations to the world conference to be held in Brazil in 2012.
12 September 2011 | Press Release
Agencies of the United Nations presented a document proposing a strategy for the conference which will take place in Brazil in 2012.
7 September 2011 | Press Release
National and international officials and representatives of the civil society will participate in the Regional Meeting Preparatory to the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development to be held in Brazil in 2012.
30 August 2011 | Press Release
The organization warns that economic slowdown in industrialized countries could affect trade in emerging nations over the next months.
30 August 2011 | Press Release
The economic and trade implications of global uncertainty are examined in the "Latin America and the Caribbean in the World Economy 2010-2011".
15 July 2011 | Press Release
The region is expected to grow by 4.1% in 2012 due to a less favourable international context.
8 July 2011 | Press Release
The annual report reviews the current state of the region's economies and their future prospects.
14 June 2011 | Press Release
Both organizations call for the introduction of countercyclical policies to ensure the sustainable recovery of labour indices.
12 May 2011 | Press Release
The Commission predicts that FDI will rise by between 15% and 25% in 2011 compared with 2010, but points out that the region should implement policies focused on innovation in order to better absorb the benefits of investment flows.
29 April 2011 | Press Release
The publication tackles the significant position of Latin America and the Caribbean as a recipient and source of FDI in 2010, China's penetration as an investor in the region and trends in the telecommunications and software industries.
22 March 2011 | Press Release
"President Barack Obama's visit to the region offers an unmissable opportunity to revitalize hemispheric relations", according to Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC.
2 March 2011 | Press Release
Document reviews the causes and effects of this phenomenon, and puts forward public policy proposals to help the region's countries improve the way they tackle instability.