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3 November 2022 | Other events
Inter-American Water Day is celebrated on November 3rd with the objective of raising awareness about the global water crisis and the need to seek measures to address it in order to achieve compliance with SDG 6 Water and sanitation for all before 2030.
27 October 2022 | Other events
The event, which took place in Lima (Peru) at the Headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Andean Community (CAN), was organized by the CAN General Secretariat with the support of the Resilient Andes to Climate Change project, facilitated by the HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation - Avina...
11 October 2022 | Other events
The event was held on October 27 and 28 and had the goal of reviewing the trends and challenges of the drinking water and sanitation sector for the Argentinian country. Likewise, it was a place for inter-institutional linkage and coordination, being organized by different entities that work on the...
11 October 2022 | Other events
The Natural Resources Division at ECLAC is organizing the third edition of the Regional Water Dialogues. The event will take place in a hybrid way (onsite and virtually) in Santiago de Chile between February 1 and 3, 2023. The virtual registration for the event is now available. The main theme will...
5 October 2022 | Other events
ECLAC is interested in compiling points of view, experiences, and proposals from Caribbean countries regarding their main challenges. Caribbean states are highly vulnerably due to the financial indebtedness and climate change and must receive adequate support, including through concessional funding...
3 October 2022 | Other events
The Webinar, organised by the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering (AIDIS), had as main objective to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions and the potential of this commemoration for the region to advance in the achievement of the SDGs in a comprehensive manner...
22 September 2022 | Other events
The group of experts is made up of more than twenty representatives of prestigious institutions in the field of water resources in the region.
6 September 2022 | Other events
En el Panel Técnico “Cadenas sostenibles y equitativas de suministro de minerales fundamentales y estratégicos para la transición energética”, organizado por la CEPAL, los participantes examinaron proyectos para el desarrollo de la cadena de valor de la minería y su contribución a la transición...
31 August 2022 | Meetings and technical symposiums
El próximo miercoles 31 de agosto, a las 9.00 a.m. horas de Uruguay y 8.00 a.m. horas de Chile, se llevará a cabo el seminario virtual sobre trayectorias de transformación agropecuaria en Uruguay. El mismo es organizado por CEPAL junto al Ministerio de Ganadería, Agricultura y Pesca, el Ministerio...
29 August 2022 | Other events
The hybrid session took place within the framework of the World Water Week 2022 (WWW 2022), held in Stockholm between August 23 and September 1. The objective of the session was to explore tools and ways to maximize the impact and sustainability of investments in water, sanitation and hygiene.
24 August 2022 | Other events
Between June and August 2022, the Regional Group of Experts on Water Resources of Latin America and the Caribbean, created in the preparatory framework for the 2023 World Water Conference, promoted various activities that contribute to accelerating the accomplishment of SDG 6. You can find extended...
22 August 2022 | Other events
The third edition of the Regional Water Dialogues will be held in a hybrid way (onsite and virtual) in Santiago de Chile between February 1 and 3, 2023. The main theme will be to accelerate the compliance of SDG 6 and achieve a sustainable and inclusive transition for water.
11 August 2022 | Other events
Visita al Smart Field Los Tilos para analizar avances en la estrategia de digitalización de la Agricultura Familiar Campesina.
29 July 2022 | Other events
The meeting, organised by the Central American and Dominican Republic Drinking Water and Sanitation Forum (FOCARD-APS), sought to coordinate cross-sectoral actions needed to advance the 2030 Agenda. The meeting was attended by ECLAC through its Water and Energy Unit, together with members of the...
27 July 2022 | Other events
ECLAC's intervention took place in the first session of the High-Level Seminar "Water and post-COVID recovery. A regional overview".
15 July 2022 | Other events
The event was held in a hybrid format, face-to-face and virtual in Bogotá, Colombia. It counted with the participation and support of the Pennsylvania State University together with the Tadeo University, the National University of Colombia, the Javeriana University and the Stockholm Environment...
23 June 2022 | Other events
The virtual course organized by the Latin American Institute for Economic and Social Planning (ILPES) for officials of the Undersecretariat for Regional and Administrative Development of Chile (SUBDERE) sought to contribute to the training of professionals in policy development from a territorial...
6 June 2022 | Other events
The report, containing information on the initiatives of the countries of the region as well as ECLAC’s proposal to promote the acceleration of the achievement of SDG 6, is presented in the framework of preparation for the mid-term review of the International Decade for Action, “Water for...
30 May 2022 | Other events
La División de Recursos Naturales (DRN) de la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL), a través de la plataforma del Instituto Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Planificación Económica y Social (ILPES), y la Deutsche Gelleschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) realizarán la...