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Costa Rica: Promoting financial inclusion via Development Bank innovation policies

13 November 2017|Event

Within the framework of ECLAC's project, and counting on its sponsorship, the Costa Rican System of Development Banks (SBD) organized a seminar to promote financial inclusion with a focus on innovative development bank policies. The Seminar was used as a space for presenting the results of ECLAC’s project on “Financial inclusion of SMEs and development bank financial innovation policies," including the case study on Costa Rica.

Seminar objectives:

  • Present the results from the project "Promoting financial inclusion through Development Bank innovation policies". These include cases from Latin America and Costa Rica.
  • Generate a space for dialogue and exchange of knowledge between the different actors specialized in financial inclusion. Put into perspective the current situation of the system of development banks in Latin America and Costa Rica, as well as expose the challenges that exist, in order to provide greater access to the portion of the population that remains excluded from financial resources.
  • Identify, share and promote good practices and lessons in managing the System of Development Banks.
  • Identify innovative products that promote financial inclusion, which consider the public-private partnerships of the participants in the System of Development Banks.
  • Assess potential effects of the prudential regulations that are being implemented in Costa Rica and that tend to favor the process of financial inclusion.

Practical information

Seminar held in Spanish