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Workshop on Creation and Administration of Databases and Special Applications of Redatam XPlan and Redatam WebServer for On-Line Systems

15-26 Nov 2004 | Course

CELADE invites all interested professional and technical experts with experience in the creation, use and processing of population databases to participate in this Workshop.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course
Sobre el financiamiento
Costos de participación: El costo del taller es de US $500 (dólares o su equivalente en pesos chilenos) por persona. Todos los participantes y sus patrocinadores deben hacerse cargo de los gastos de traslado hasta y desde Santiago y del alojamiento y alimentación durante el taller.

Target audience

Participants should have previous knowledge of Redatam


Participants should have previous knowledge of Redatam and must bring with them the databases they will work on (population censuses, agricultural censuses or surveys, vital statistics, household surveys, etc.) in their original format (ASCII, DBF, IMPS, SPSS, etc.) along with the corresponding dictionary and, if possible, the digital cartography for the desired level of disaggregation (ArcView format). The Workshop will be highly practical in character. Each participant should leave the activity with specific products (e.g., an application to upload to the Intranet, Internet web or a CD for data distribution.