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Course II: Development of applications for diffusion with Redatam+SP

15-26 Oct 2007 | Course

Continuing with the support given to national and international institutions in the use of the socio-demographic and sectorial information of each country, as well as in the design and development of applications for its diffusion, CELADE extends an invitation to the community of REDATAM users to participate in the second course "Development of applications for diffusion with Redatam+SP" as part of the cycle of courses to prepare specialists in Redatam +SP.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course
Sobre el financiamiento
Participation costs: The cost of each course is of US$ 250 (two hundred and fifty dollars) per week. Attendance of the two week course has a cost of US$ 500 (five hundred dollars) per participant. One week has a cost of US$ 250 (two hundred and fifty dollars) per participant. Note: the mentioned values do not include transport, lodging or food. These items are the responsibility of each participant or sponsoring institutions.

Target audience

Participants can choose to attend both weeks of the course or just one of them, depending on their interest and previous knowledge of Redatam+SP xPlan and Redatam+SP Webserver tools. CELADE invites all users, as well as technical counterparts and experts on Redatam, to participate in this new course. CELADE offers this cycle of courses with the intent to train specialists in Redatam+SP, who later on will provide technical assistance and train other users in their respective countries.


This cycle of Redatam+SP consists of three courses:

  1. The first course is focused on the creation of data bases in Redatam format,
  2. he second one is focused on the design and development of applications for distribution in CD and Web page form,
  3. And the third course is centered on the use and processing of census data and other information sources for the generation of socio-demographic indicators.

During the 15th to the 26th of October 2007, CELADE will be offering Course II: Development and applications for diffusion with Redatam+SP, creation of applications using Redatam+SP xPlan and using Redatam+SP WebServer. This course was conceived as a tool for developing computational solutions oriented to the dissemination of existing data in Redatam format through an interactive CD or on-line processing on the Internet or Intranet.

This course has been planned in two blocks of five days each: the first week will be an introduction to the Redatam+SP Process module and to the development of Redatam+SP xPlan applications. The program will include the basic functions of the statistical processing module and the revision of the various files associated to an xPlan application (metadata, inl file, front page, etc.). The second week will be focused on a more in-depth review of the xPlan application, the review of complex nodes, maps and the setting up of the application in the Web environment. The development of these xPlan applications will include, at the end of the course, the creation of a distribution CD and setting up the same application on a Web site.


15-19 October 2007, First Week: Introduction Level 
22-26 October 2007, Second Week: Advanced Level