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Workshop "The Use of Census Information for Indigenous and Afrodescendent Peoples: Pertinence and Scope in Policies and Programs," Ecuador

13-14 Dec 2004 | Workshop

This activity falls under the framework of the BID-CELADE/CEPAL project "Indigenous Peoples and Afrodescendent Populations on the basis of the Censuses"(Bolivia, Ecuador and Panama), whose general objective is to document ethnic gaps based on recent census information and to provide information about the socio-demographic situation of indigenous peoples and Afrodescendent populations as input for decision-making in public politics directed toward achieving the well-being of these groups and eliminating inequalities.


Idioma del curso Spanish
Face-to-face course


The project includes the completion of a study and the production of a socio-demographic atlas, culminating with diffusion and training workshops at the national level. The specific objectives of the workshop are the presentation of the scope and limitations of census information for obtaining demographic and socio-economic indicators for Indigenous peoples and Afrodescendent populations; the joint undertaking among professionals and technicians--Indigenous, Afrodescendent, and others--of the interpretation and use of census information as input in the design, follow-up and evaluation of policies and programs; the exchange of experiences and understanding of the perspectives and assessments that Indigenous and Afrodescendent Peoples make about the information that the census provides; and the gathering of proposals that will enrich the construction of indicators that are appropriate to the cultural reality of these groups.