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About Sustainable Development and Human Settlements


The ECLAC mission in the area of sustainable development and human settlements is to contribute to evaluation of progress in public policies, instruments and institutions, with a view to promoting more inclusive economic activity with a smaller environmental footprint in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Accordingly, ECLAC addresses the three dimensions of sustainable development simultaneously.

In sum, the ECLAC's efforts are aimed at translating the sustainable development vision of Latin America and the Caribbean into operative public policies.

ECLAC's areas of work are based on the priorities established by the governments of the region and take into account the role of other important entities, such as the agencies of the United Nations system, development banks and bilateral donors, in order to avoid duplication of effort and leverage potential synergies. 



a. Policies for Sustainable Development

b. Human Settlements

c. Economy of Climate Change



1. Analysis of sustainable development policies in the countries of the region

2. Technical assistance

3. Training

4. Knowledge-sharing by means publications, courses and events for the public and private sectors