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The mission of the ECLAC subregional headquarters for the Caribbean is to deepen the understanding of the development challenges facing the Caribbean, and to contribute to solutions by conducting research and analysis and providing sound policy advice and technical assistance to Caribbean governments, focused on growth with equity and recognition of the subregion’s vulnerability.

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ECLAC Caribbean seeks to advance the establishment of information and communications technologies (lCT) as a key driver of social and economic growth in Caribbean countries. To that end, ECLAC contributes to building human and institutional capacity through the conduct of workshops and convening of expert group meetings, as well as the provision of technical advisory services to member States.

ECLAC's research in this area emphasizes the role of knowledge management, and considers how the use of standardized methodologies can enable the systematic collection, creation and sharing of information and experiences, both within and between organizations. In this regard, ECLAC has placed specific emphasis on the application of ICT in the field of disaster risk management, which is seen as a crucial means of increasing resilience, protecting lives, and building sustainable economies.

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