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LA-KLEMS: opening toward Latin America WORLD-KLEMS project.

"The LA-KLEMS project is the opening to Latin America WORLD-KLEMS project, which has created a new platform for information associated with economic growth, productivity, employment creation, capital formation and technological change"


This project aims to create a database for measuring economic growth, productivity, employment creation, capital formation and technological change at the sectoral level, initially for four Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico) from 1990 onwards. This work will provide a critical input for the analysis and evaluation of policy, in particular those related to competitiveness, innovation and the role of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) on economic growth. The database should facilitate the production of high quality statistics based on the methodologies of national accounts and input-output matrices. The measurements include the categories of inputs: capital, labor, energy, materials and services, identifying each ICT component. The productivity measurement is carried out with growth accounting techniques (Jorgenson, Gollop and Fraumeni, 1987). Based on official data of National Accounts will create a new base that corresponds with the methodological requirements of LA-KLEMS. This database will be among participating countries both in structure and methodologies and will enable the comparative study of productivity in the productive areas within Latin America and other countries participating in the project WORLD-KLEMS.

The project is coordinated by ECLAC, with support from the University of Groningen (Netherlands), Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas (IVIE) and Harvard University. In addition, to carry out the process of collection and statistical analysis with the participation of the National Institutes of Statistics of the participating countries, the Central Bank of Chile and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil.


Tri-fold brochure LA-KLEMS


André Hofman, Project Manager

Nanno Mulder, Researcher

Claudio Aravena, Coordinator

Carolina Cavada, Researcher

Sebastián Faúndez, Researcher

Jorge Friedman, Researcher

Hernán Frigolett, Researcher