"Strengthening capacity of local governments in Latin America to address critical issues arising from Internationally Agreed Development Goals”


The Latin American and Caribbean Institute for Economic and Social Planning ILPES/ECLAC is conducting the project: “Strengthening Capacity of Local Governments in Latin America to address critical Issues Arising from Internationally Agreed Development Goals". This project is based on ILPES experience in working whit the LAC countries at sub national level, and recognizes the need to bring the MDG monitoring and completion under municipal ownership and control.

The project was formulated and designed based on of the following hypotheses:

 - Countries of the region have committed themselves to progress towards reaching the Millennium targets and goals.

 - Progress towards the fulfillment of the MDGs has been very heterogeneous and asymmetrical among Latin American and the Caribbean countries.

 - Most developed countries have made more progress in fulfilling the MDGs, despite the more demanding commitments.

 - Least developed countries encounter more difficulties to fulfill the MDGs, despite the less demanding commitments.

 - The uneven progress in the fulfillment of the MDGs among countries of the region is even more serious when analyzing the situation at local and/or territorial levels in each country.

 - All this means that areas remain unprotected and may be left behind from development initiatives aimed at making progress in the fulfillment of the MDGs.

In this context, the project general objectives and proposed activities are:

a. Objectives

 - To strengthen local governments capacity to identify, quantify, assess and achieve the Millennium Development Goals at local and sub-national levels.

 - Support countries in the improvement of regional inequalities measurements.

 - Produce new and better information at local level.

 - Strengthened technical capacity of governments at the local and sub national levels to monitor and design social public policies.

 - Incorporate the Millennium Development Goals in local and sub national development plans and policies.

 - Promote horizontal cooperation among municipalities of different countries.

 - Achieve the necessary support of the Federal Government to commit them selves in reaching the MDGs, through better diagnosis and policy designs at local level.

b. Main Activities

Exchanges of experiences

 - Develop a e-network of successful experiences in measuring progress towards the MDGs.

 - Provide horizontal technical assistance missions.

 - Undertake in depth studies in six countries of the region (Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia)


 - Organize and lecture of 4 e-learning courses

 - Incorporate the MDGs as a regular theme into ILPES international courses of local development

Strengthening local governments

 - Production of a Methodological Guide and Training Manual.

 - Organization of workshops in 6 countries of the region.

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