ECLAC - @LIS2: Alliance for the Information Society
@LIS2ECLAC @LIS2: Alliance for the Information Society

In an international meeting, ECLAC @LIS2 presented a concept on Internet governance

At the Fifth regional preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum, held in Colombia, members of the Internet community debated several issues regarding its management, like governance for development and mobile technology.


On September 24, 25 and 26 the Fifth regional preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum was held in Bogotá. The event was organized by LACNIC, the Association for Progressive Communications, the NUPEF Institute, the National Bureau for Electronic Government and Informatics of Peru,  the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies, AHCIET, ECOMLAC and the Internet Society.

The meeting meant a space for multi-sectorial political dialogue, in which officers from governments, the private sector, the technical community, academia and the civil society presented and discussed their own perspectives on Internet governance.

ECLAC @LIS2, project funded by the European Union, was represented by Alejandro Patiño, who moderated the panels “Internet governance for development” and “Rising issues”. In the first one, he made a presentation on the “governance” concept, which is related to the group of rules, regulations, principles and proceedings that the private sector, the civil society and governments establish for the management of the Internet. In the second panel, Mr. Patiño made a brief introduction to the specific issues of mobile Internet, Internet as a public good and the impact of information and communications technologies on the environment.