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Software Export Industry Growing in the Region

A group of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean has experienced exponential growth in export levels in this area.

(11/11/2010) The international trend of deploying the software industry is to transfer resources from developed to emerging markets, with a consequent increase in the participation of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean in this industry. Thus, in less than a decade -considering the figures from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay- the region increased by eight times the total software exports from 200 million dollars in 2000 to 1783 million in 2008.


(In millions of dolars)


Regarding the regional export destinations, according to the latest available information, flows are primarily intra-regional. The countries of the region, however, are diversifying their exports to include markets such as U.S., European, and to some extent Asia and African.

In order to increase synergies within the sector, initiatives have been implemented to create clusters or groups for the software industry and its services. Examples of countries with these types of initiative are Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. It has also implemented initiatives to increase competitiveness and foreign promotion. An example is Brazil's process improvement program that certifies software products and professionals.


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