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The Redatam Family
Versión Redatam+SP
Descripción The Redatam Family

The Redatam+SP (R+SP) software family, the fourth and most recent generation of Redatam -introduced in 2001-, presently has the following members for creating, managing, processing and disseminating very large hierarchical census and other databases:

Process for processing data from user-selected geographical areas with powerful programs written in the Redatam command language, or for processing with the more limited Assistants -similar to Wizards in some commercial software- that do not require any programming skills nor any knowledge about the Redatam language. This module also includes facilities for expanding, appending, connecting, downloading and other management of existing Redatam databases.

Create for creating proprietary format R+SP hierarchical databases from files in ASCII or xBase format. The file in ASCII can have layout descriptions in IMPS, ISSA, or CHILLAN (the internal layout description of R+SP).

xPlan for the construction of applications for distribution to end-users that permit them to access protected microdata to obtain indicators, often involving complex calculations, without any knowledge of Redatam.

WebServer, the latest member of the family, for requesting information on-line from an Redatam database on an intranet, extranet or the Internet. As in the case of the other members of the Redatam family, the WebServer is based on the Redatam statistical engine, which is highly efficient in an on-line environment.

  • Redatam+GIS planning systems: In a joint CELADE-University of Waterloo (Canada) project financed by IDRC of Canada during the mid-1990's, the University created a Redatam-related group of spatial decision support tools using an in-house Geographical Information System (GIS). Information on these tools, AccessPlan for primary health and family planning, EduPlan for educational planning, and TourPlan for tourism-environment planning, can be obtained by contacting

The first three members of the Redatam family are packaged together as modules of the R+SP software that can be downloaded, free of charge, from the CELADE Web site The R+SP software operate under Windows 9x, NT4.0, 2000 and XP, but not Windows 3.x (if you work with Windows 3.x, you must use the previous generation, winR+ v1.2). The R+WebServer operates under a Windows server.

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