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R+SP V5Rev04 (March 2011)
Redatam+SP DOWNLOAD and Upgrades

Version FREE OF CHARGE to Download of the Final Version of the fourth generation of Redatam (R+SP), originally launched as Redatam+G4 (R+G4), but named as Redatam+SP, in honour of its creator Serge Poulard, who passed away last December 1st, 2003.

This software allows you to create and process hierarchical databases from censuses, surveys, vital statistics and other sources for local, regional and national analyses, as well as to produce thematic maps and graphs.

It takes advantage of the 32-bit design of Windows 9x, NT4, 2000, Vista and 7, and has been reprogrammed for possible later operation on non-Microsoft platforms such as Linux. R+SP includes enhancements over the previous generation (R+G4 v1 Rev5 and winR+ v1.2). Among them, are:

  • Support of formats SPPS and CSPro in the create module of Redatam databases
  • Improvements for obtaining matrix processes
  • Download and multiple concatenation of data bases (by entity or sample)
  • Presentation of results on thematic maps and graphs for the processing on-line module of Redatam database.
  • Develop of applications with specific indicators for a Redatam database and which do not require users to have knowledge of the Redatam command language.
  • Large increase in the processing velocity, almost 5 times faster than winR+ v1.2.
  • A Windows-style Help system and manuals in .pdf format

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Download complete R+SP V5Rev04 (31.8 MB)
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