Demographic Observatory (ex Demographic Bulletin)

New publication which replace the Demographic Bulletin, published by CELADE since 1968. The Demographic Observatory provides information regarding population estimates and projections at national and urban/rural level, economic active population, fertility, mortality, international migration and population distribution, among others, for the Latin American and Caribbean countries. Contains a analytical chapter to introduce and explain the respective topic to the different users. Bilingual publication (Spanish and English), published since 2006 and appears twice a year (April and October). Annual Subscription: US$ 20.00 Per issue: US$ 12.00

Date Title

April/2009 Observatorio Demográfico No.5: Fecundidad
June/2008 Demographic Observatory No.4: Mortality
April/2007 Demographic Observatory No.3: Population projection
October/2006 Demographic Observatory No.2: Economically Active Population
April/2006 Demographic Observatory No.1: International Migration
January/2003 Demographic Bulletin No. 71. Latin America: Population by calendar years and single ages
July/2002 Demographic Bulletin No. 70. Latin American and Caribbean: Selected gender-sensitive indicators
January/2002 Demographic Bulletin No. 69. Latin America and Caribbean: Population Estimates and Projections. 1950-2050
July/2001 Demographic Bulletin No. 68. Latin America: Fertility 1950-2050
May/2001 Demographic Bulletin. Special edition. "Urbanización y Evolución de la Población Urbana de América Latina. 1950-1990"
January/2001 Demographic Bulletin No. 67. Latin America: Life Tables, 1950-2050
July/2000 Demographic Bulletin No. 66. Latin America: Population By Calendar Years and Single Ages. 1995-2005
January/2000 Demographic Bulletin No. 65. International Migration in Latin America. IMILA
July/1999 Demographic Bulletin No. 64. Latin America: Economically active population 1980 - 2025
January/1999 Demographic Bulletin No. 63. Latin América: Projection of urban-rural population 1970 - 2025
July/1998 Demographic Bulletin No. 62. Latin America: Population projections 1970 - 2050