Date Title

January/2016 2030 agenda for sustainable development
September/2015 ECLAC: The Region Achieved Several Key Goals of the MDGs, the Starting Point for the 2030 Agenda
July/2015 MDG Success Springboard for New Sustainable Development Agenda: UN Report
October/2012 Financing Successful Nature Conservation in Lean Economic Times: World Bank Report Highlights Latin America's Successes
October/2012 An estimated 20 million people are alive today as a direct result of tuberculosis (TB) care and control, according to the WHO Global tuberculosis report 2012
October/2012 One in twelve young people in Latin America and the Caribbean fail to complete primary school and lack skills for work
October/2012 ITU releases latest global technology development figures
October/2012 Globally almost 870 million chronically undernourished, but there are hopeful signs that with extra effort the MDG target can be reached
September/2012 UN report provides snapshot of access to broadband across 177 countries
September/2012 Ban appoints Homi Kharas of Pakistan to lead panel on the global development agenda beyond 2015
September/2012 Secretary-General urges stronger global development partnership amid declining aid levels as he launched the 2012 MDG Gap Task Force Report.
September/2012 General Assembly opens new session with call to tackle urgent global issues
September/2012 UNICEF report points to rapid progress made in reducing child deaths worldwide
September/2012 Far-reaching vision for growth and jobs urged at start of UN development dialogue
September/2012 22.1 million children and adolescents in the region are not in school or at serious risk of dropping out
August/2012 Recurring droughts highlight need to better manage water resources, safeguard food security
August/2012 The Dominican Republic to confront its HIV treatment gap
July/2012 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the members of a High-level Panel to advise on the global development agenda beyond 2015
July/2012 The UN Development Strategy for Transformative Changes Beyond 2015.
July/2012 More than 80 countries increase their domestic investments for AIDS by over 50% between 2006 and 2011
July/2012 WHO joins call for renewed focus on family planning
July/2012 UN experts urge action to achieve Millennium Development Goals ahead of 2015
July/2012 It Is Imperative to Invest in the Youth of Latin America and the Caribbean
July/2012 With three MDGs achieved, global partnership for development is key to 2015 success, UN report says
June/2012 Realizing The Future We Want For All. Report to the Secretary-General
June/2012 Rio+20: countries announce agreement on Conference's outcome document
June/2012 Rio+20: Interview with head of the UN Sustainable Development Conference
June/2012 Despite progress, efforts must be redoubled to end HIV/AIDS epidemic - UN officials
June/2012 Progress on UN Millennium Development Goals to be tracked by Integrated Implementation Framework (IIF) website.
May/2012 Countries begin last round of talks on outcome document ahead of Rio+20 conference
May/2012 Marine Biodiversity is the theme for this year's International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB).
May/2012 Maternal Deaths Halved in 20 Years, but Faster Progress Needed
May/2012 Inter-regional MDG Indicators Meeting
March/2012 At UN conference, Latin American countries reaffirm commitment to eradicate hunger
March/2012 UN experts call for including human rights standards in development goals
March/2012 Millennium Development Goal target on drinking water met
March/2012 UN expert warns of global public health disaster caused by unhealthy foods
March/2012 UNESCO launches World Atlas of Gender Equality in Education
March/2012 More than 900 000 lives saved by protecting people living with HIV from TB
January/2012 Online game that helps UN fight hunger gains one millionth user
December/2011 Secretary-General welcomes climate change deal reached at UN conference in Durban
December/2011 Innovative solutions conference gives new hope to poverty challenges
September/2011 Childhood vaccines to reach 37 more nations thanks to UN-backed initiative
September/2011 Time to turn talk into action, Assembly chief says as general debate ends
September/2011 ECLAC Presents New MDG Country Profiles for Latin America and the Caribbean
September/2011 Substantial drop in child mortality around the globe, UN figures reveal
September/2011 Efforts of UN-led global anti-malaria partnership save a million lives in a decade
September/2011 High-level Meeting Highlights the Importance of a Secure and Reliable Supply of Contraceptives
August/2011 Newborn deaths decrease but account for higher share of global child deaths
August/2011 UN chief reiterates need to accelerate efforts to achieve global anti-poverty goals
August/2011 Kaiser/UNAIDS study finds drop in overall disbursements for AIDS response in 2010, seven out of 15 governments report reductions
August/2011 New Report highlights initiatives where procurement plays a central role in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.
August/2011 UN launches web-based guide to help combat all forms of malnutrition
August/2011 Millions of poor people will have mobile phone numbers under UN-backed scheme
August/2011 UN helps Belize fight highest incidence of HIV/AIDS in Central America
August/2011 New Move to Develop Global Standards for Measuring Energy Use in Buildings
June/2011 Global Fund-supported programs provide 190 million bed nets to protect families from malaria
June/2011 Brazilian football star is promoting gender equality and empower of women at FIFA Women's World Cup
June/2011 World Heritage Committee puts Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve on Danger List at the request of Honduras
June/2011 UN launches major push to improve global sanitation by 2015
June/2011 Adequate Midwifery Could Save 3.6 Million Lives, New Report Shows
June/2011 World Day to Combat Desertification
June/2011 Higher agriculture commodity prices here to stay
June/2011 ILO highlights growing South-South and Triangular Cooperation activities
June/2011 World Oceans Day: Our oceans: greening our future
June/2011 Leaders Gather at UN Headquarters for a High-Level Meeting on AIDS
June/2011 World food prices set to remain high
June/2011 ITU - UNESCO report shows broadband potential for economic and social development
June/2011 UNEP Report Spotlights Enormous Economic and Human Benefits from Boosting Funding for Forests
June/2011 Three decades on, global AIDS response showing results
May/2011 UNESCO launches Global partnership for Girls and Women's Education
May/2011 Good forest governance key for climate change schemes
May/2011 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
May/2011 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2011
May/2011 Fourth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries
May/2011 International Day of the Midwife 2011: Supporting the work of midwives in reducing maternal and newborn mortality
May/2011 Agencies from Dominican Republic and Peru win awards for promotion of infrastructure investment
April/2011 According to a report released by the Wolrd Bank, more countries are closer toward MDG Targets, but poorest countries need urgent help
April/2011 ITU launches global digital literacy campaign for women
April/2011 OECD: Development. Aid increases, but with worrying trends
April/2011 SCA-ECLAC: Tenth meeting of the Executive Committee of the SCA (April 2011)
April/2011 Telecentres are a tool for social inclusion
April/2011 ECLAC Organizes 2011 Summer School on Latin American Economies
March/2011 UN Secretary-General outlines new recommendations to reach 2015 goals for AIDS response
March/2011 World Tuberculosis Day 2011
March/2011 For World TB Day, WHO launches a new report: Towards universal access to diagnosis and treatment of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis by 2015.
March/2011 WWAP celebrates World Water Day 2011
March/2011 UNAIDS/UNDP/WHO concerned over sustainability of HIV treatment
March/2011 ECLAC Notes Nº 67
March/2011 Education for All Global Monitoring Report - 2011: The hidden crisis: Armed conflict and education
February/2011 The State of the World's Children 2011. Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity
February/2011 Investing in 'green economy' can boost growth, reduce poverty
February/2011 Integrating food and energy crops can help reduce poverty, new FAO study finds
January/2011 Unemployment in Latin America and the Caribbean Falls as a Result of Economic Recovery
November/2010 Global effort to halt and reverse HIV/AIDS showing results, finds UN report
November/2010 Secretary-General urged leaders to continue to focus on a sustainable recovery, including through efforts to deliver the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
October/2010 Launch of the 2010 State of World Population report: From conflict and crisis to renewal: generations of change.
October/2010 Joint Bank-IMF Committee Calls for Resources for Bank's Fund for Poorest
October/2010 Twenty-two countries are facing enormous challenges like repeated food crises and an extremely high prevalence of hunger
October/2010 The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (PP-10) was inaugurated today
October/2010 Forest biodiversity at risk: South America accounted for the largest proportion of the loss in primary forests.
September/2010 The Sixth Regional Workshop on Information Society Measurement concludes successfully
September/2010 UN summit confident of achieving MDGs on time if world delivers
September/2010 UN summit on development goals continues to debate ways of combating global ills
September/2010 Greater progress needed despite recent drop in maternal deaths, say UN agencies
September/2010 Anti-poverty goals are ambitious but doable, Ban stresses ahead of MDG summit
September/2010 Tackle gender disparities to meet development goals, deputy UN chief says
September/2010 New UNESCO website: Education and the MDGs
September/2010 Inequality Hinders Compliance of Millennium Development Goals
September/2010 Sixth Regional Workshop on Information Society Measurement in Latin America and the Caribbean
September/2010 'Progress for Children' report sheds new light on achieving Millennium Development Goals
September/2010 UN-civil society forum issues call to action to improve health of millions worldwide and achieve the Millennium Development Goals
August/2010 Latin American Nations Agree to Strengthen Broadband Market
July/2010 ECLAC Promotes Labour Equality to Strengthen Women's Autonomy in the Region
July/2010 Latin America and the Caribbean Advance Towards Millennium Goals but Doubts Remain About Full Compliance
June/2010 The Millennium Development Goals Report 2010 was launched in New York by the Secretary-General
June/2010 Ban urges focus on development and green growth ahead of G20 summit
June/2010 "Real economy" leaders discuss the contribution of productive employment and social protection to realizing faster progress to achieve internationally agreed development goals such as the MDGs
June/2010 World Environment Day (WED) 2010
June/2010 Woman Deliver 2010 Conference
May/2010 Report of the regional workshop on microdata documentation and dissemination (IHSN toolkit)
May/2010 Better country data needed to assess progress towards health MDG targets
May/2010 Music Stars Team Up to Score 8 Goals for Africa
April/2010 ECLAC Member Nations to Analize Development of Statistics in Latin America and the Caribbean
April/2010 World Health Day 2010: Making Cities Healthier Places to Live
March/2010 Core ICT Indicators 2010
March/2010 22 March - World Water Day 2010: Clean Water for a Healthy World
March/2010 Deputy UN chief calls for more resources to help poor States meet development goals
March/2010 New ITU Report: "Measuring the Information Society 2010"
March/2010 Reducing the Digital Gap: the Common Goal of Latin Americans and Europeans
February/2010 Regional UN Officials Strengthen Commitment to Reinforce Interagency Cooperation
February/2010 Top United Nations Officials Discuss Climate Change, Millennium Goals and Political Situation in the Region
February/2010 Region advances in environmental goals, but deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions keep rising