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The impact information and communication technologies (ICT) have on the economy and society is at the center of the ongoing technological revolution. Innovations in ICT have brought about changes in production, business, work, daily life and civic participation.  Latin American and Caribbean countries have made progress in the development of the information society at vastly different rates; while some development rates in the region are closer to those of more advanced countries, others reflect significantly lower indicators. In both cases, closing the gap in advanced and massive impact technologies implies accelerating the diffusion, access and appropriation of ICT, particularly those of the platforms that sustain them such as access to broadband, mobile technologies and applications that make use of cloud computing, large scale data analysis and allow the use of advanced manufacturing techniques. Accelerating the digital revolution is at the core of advancing toward societies in which innovation is the driving force of innovation.


Latin American and Caribbean Countries Agreed to Promote Regional Policies on Science, Innovation and ICT

Authorities participated in the First Meeting of ECLAC's Conference on Science, Innovation and Information and Communications Technologies, which took place in Santiago, Chile.