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Chronological index of CEPAL Review articles
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04/12/2014 What does the National High School Exam (ENEM) tell Brazilian society?
Rodrigo Travitzki, Jorge Calero and Carlota Boto
04/12/2014 Brazil's Northeast Financing Constitutional Fund: Differentiated effects on municipal economic growth
Fabrício Carneiro Linhares, Ricardo Brito Soares, Marcos Falcão Gonçalves and Luiz Fernando Gonçalves Viana
02/12/2014 Development then and now: Idea and utopia
Rolando Cordera Campos
02/12/2014 Latin America's competitive position in knowledge-intensive services trade
Andrés López, Andrés Niembro and Daniela Ramos
02/12/2014 Wage share and economic growth in Latin America, 1950-2011
Germán Alarco Tosoni
02/12/2014 Patterns of technical progress in the Brazilian economy, 1952-2008
Adalmir Marquetti and Melody de Campos Soares Porsse
02/12/2014 Mexico: Combining monthly inflation predictions from surveys
Pilar Poncela, Víctor M. Guerrero, Alejandro Islas, Julio Rodríguez and Rocío Sánchez-Mangas
02/12/2014 Expectations and industrial output in Uruguay: Sectoral interdependence and common trends
Bibiana Lanzilotta
02/12/2014 Argentina: Impacts of the child allowance programme on the labour-market behaviour of adults
Roxana Maurizio and Gustavo Vázquez
02/12/2014 Occupational mobility and income differentials: The experience of Brazil between 2002 and 2010
Sandro Eduardo Monsueto, Julimar da Silva Bichara and André Moreira Cunha
05/08/2014 A regional reserve fund for Latin America
Daniel Titelman, Cecilia Vera, Pablo Carvallo and Esteban Pérez Caldentey
05/08/2014 A proposal for a modified Human Development Index
María Andreina Salas-Bourgoin
05/08/2014 From the classroom to the workplace: Three decades of evidence for Latin America
Mariana Viollaz
05/08/2014 Jamaica: Employer size and worker remuneration in the private sector
Allister Mounsey
05/08/2014 Wage differentials between the public and private sectors in Chile: Evidence from longitudinal data
Lucas Navarro and Javiera Selman
05/08/2014 Income inequality in Brazil: What has changed in recent years?
Helder Ferreira de Mendonça and Diogo Martins Esteves
05/08/2014 Deprivation viewed from a multidimensional perspective: The case of Brazil
Ana Flavia Machado, Andre Braz Golgher and Mariangela Furlan Antigo
05/08/2014 The impacts on family consumption of the Bolsa Família subsidy programme
Marcela Nogueira Ferrario
05/08/2014 The international asparagus business in Peru
Jaime de Pablo, Miguel Ángel Giacinti, Valentín Tassile and Luisa Fernanda Saavedra
05/08/2014 The forestry and cellulose sector in the Province of Concepción, Chile: Production linkages between the Secano Interior and industry in Greater Concepción, or an enclave economy?
Gonzalo Falabella and Francisco Gatica
10/04/2014 Commercial bank financing for micro-enterprises and SMEs in Mexico
Ramón Padilla-Pérez and Rodrigo Fenton Ontañon
10/04/2014 A modelling framework for assessing the economic impact of climate change in the Caribbean
Roberto Roson
10/04/2014 Inequality in education in Costa Rica: The gap between students in public and private schools. An analysis of the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
Andrés Fernández A. and Roberto Del Valle A.
10/04/2014 Motherhood wage penalties and labour market segmentation: Evidence from Argentina
María del Pilar Casal and Bradford L. Barham
10/04/2014 Gender differences in workplace choices under crisis conditions
Lilia Domínguez V. and Flor Brown G.
10/04/2014 The structural heterogeneity of family farming in Brazil
José Eustáquio Ribeiro Vieira Filho
10/04/2014 Chile: Port congestion and efficient rationing in cargo transfer operations
Claudio A. Agostini and Eduardo H. Saavedra
10/04/2014 The performance of transnational corporations: Evidence for the manufacturing industry in Chile
Sebastián Vergara M.
10/04/2014 An assessment of the dynamics between the permanent and transitory components of Mexico's output and unemployment
Alejandro Islas C. and Willy W. Cortez
10/04/2014 An empirical analysis of technology absorption capacity of the Brazilian industry
Pablo Felipe Bittencourt and Ricardo Giglio
14/11/2013 Structural constraints and determinants of economic growth in Cuba
Juan Carlos Palacios C.
14/11/2013 An assessment of green export opportunities for Barbados
Winston Moore
14/11/2013 Towards an integrative approach to sustainability: exploring potential synergies between gender and environment
Isabel Pla Julián and Sandra Guevara de Molina
14/11/2013 Social mobility and the demand for income redistribution in Latin America
Cleiton Roberto da Fonseca Silva and Erik Alencar de Figueiredo
14/11/2013 NAFTA's uninvited guest: China and the disintegration of North American trade
Enrique Dussel Peters and Kevin P. Gallagher
14/11/2013 Terms of trade and output fluctuations in Colombia
Gonzalo Hernández
14/11/2013 Argentina: recent dynamics in the software and IT services industry
Florencia Barletta, Mariano Pereira, Verónica Robert and Gabriel Yoguel
14/11/2013 The international trade position of Argentina. Towards a process of export diversification?
Marta Bekerman and Federico Dulcich
14/11/2013 Determinants of ownership concentration in the Chilean stock market
Marco Morales, María José Meléndez and Vanessa Ramírez
14/11/2013 Chile: subsidies, credit and housing deficit
Fernando Garcia de Freitas, Ana Lélia Magnabosco and Patrícia H. F. Cunha
26/07/2013 Inequality and academic achievement in Chile
Pablo Muñoz H. and Amaia Redondo S.
26/07/2013 Determinants of structural heterogeneity in Mexican manufacturing industry, 1994-2008
Raúl Vázquez López
26/07/2013 Mexico: Value added in exports of manufactures
Gerardo Fujii G. and Rosario Cervantes M.
26/07/2013 The political economy of regional grants in Peru
Leonardo E. Letelier S. and Gonzalo Neyra A.
26/07/2013 Chile: is the fee for non-use of water rights effective?
Christian Valenzuela, Rodrigo Fuster and Alejandro León
25/07/2013 Capital formation in Latin America: one and a half century of macroeconomic dynamics
Xavier Tafunell
25/07/2013 Economic growth and the environment
Adolfo Figueroa
25/07/2013 Internationalization and technology in MERCOSUR
Isabel Álvarez, Bruno B. Fischer and José Miguel Natera
25/07/2013 Productive structure and the functional distribution of income: an application of the input-output model
Pedro Quaresma de Araujo
25/07/2013 Income polarization, the middle class and informal employment in Greater Buenos Aires, 1974-2010
Fernando Groisman
04/04/2013 Overcoming the "empty box syndrome". Determinants of income distribution in Latin America
Ivonne González and Ricardo Martner
04/04/2013 Free trade agreements in Latin America since 1990: an evaluation of export diversification
Alfonso Dingemans and César Ross
04/04/2013 Ecuador: defining and measuring multidimensional poverty, 2006-2010
Andrés Mideros M.
04/04/2013 The biodiesel market and public policy: a comparative analysis of Argentina and Brazil
Georges Gérard Flexor, Karina Yoshie Martins Kato and Marina Yesica Recalde
04/04/2013 Production structure of the services sector in countries at different development levels
Kênia Barreiro de Souza, Suzana Quinet de Andrade Bastos and Fernando Salgueiro Perobelli<br></br>
04/04/2013 Keynesian economic policies: reflections on the Brazilian economy, 1995-2009
Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra and Fernando Ferrari Filho
04/04/2013 Enterprise creation and economic recovery: the case of Rio Grande do Sul
Mario Duarte Canever and André Carraro
04/04/2013 The health insurance market: lessons on the conflict between equivalence and solidarity
Andras Uthoff, José Miguel Sánchez and Rolando Campusano
04/04/2013 Chile's new middle classes: a cohort analysis
Oscar Mac-Clure
04/04/2013 Distributional effects of eliminating the differential tax treatment of business and personal income in Chile
Claudio A. Agostini, Claudia Martínez A. and Barbara Flores
13/12/2012 Ten theses concerning social conflict in Latin America
Fernando Calderón
13/12/2012 Social stratification and mobility in Guatemala
Guillermo Díaz
13/12/2012 Capabilities and gender: a sum or system of inequalities? The case of Chile
Virginia Guzmán, Emmanuelle Barozet, Eduardo Candia, Bernardita Ihnen and Bettina Leiva
13/12/2012 Determinants of educational performance in Uruguay, 2003-2006
Cecilia Oreiro and Juan Pablo Valenzuela
13/12/2012 The socioeconomic cost of illicit drug consumption in Chile
Matías Fernández H.
13/12/2012 The importance of the manufacturing sector for Brazilian economic development
Carmem Aparecida Feijó and Marcos Tostes Lamonica
13/12/2012 Argentina: Dissemination of genetically modified cotton and its impact on the profitability of small-scale farmers in the Chaco province
Valeria Arza, Laura Goldberg and Claudia Vázquez
13/12/2012 Infrastructure and economic growth in Peru
Roberto Urrunaga and Carlos Aparicio
13/12/2012 Financial market reaction to central bank monetary policy communications under an inflation- targeting regime: the case of Brazil
Gabriel Caldas M.
13/12/2012 Mexico: what is the impact of monetary policy on unemployment rates?
Alejandro Islas C. and Willy Walter Cortez
14/08/2012 Portrait of the economist as a young man: Raúl Prebisch's evolving views on the business cycle and money, 1919-1949
Esteban Pérez Caldentey and Matías Vernengo
14/08/2012 Care: the missing link in economic analysis?
Corina Rodríguez Enríquez
14/08/2012 Inflation targeting works well in Latin America
José García-Solanes and Fernando Torrejón-Flores
14/08/2012 The performance of Chinese and Brazilian exports to Latin America, 1994-2009
Marcos Tadeu Caputi Lélis, André Moreira Cunha and Manuela Gomes de Lima
14/08/2012 The country brand trap
Rodrigo Berríos and Rodrigo Saens
14/08/2012 Peru: integration, sectoral specialization and synchronization with international gross domestic product cycles
Mario D. Tello
14/08/2012 The evolution of opportunities for children in Chile, 1990-2006
Dante Contreras, Osvaldo Larrañaga, Esteban Puentes and Tomás Rau
14/08/2012 Chile: building a computable general equilibrium model with an application to the Bío Bío region
Cristián Mardones P.
14/08/2012 The economics of demand-led growth. Theory and evidence for Brazil
José Luís Oreiro, Luciano Nakabashi, Guilherme Jonas Costa da Silva and Gustavo José Guimarães e Souza
14/08/2012 Brazil: the international financial crisis and counter-cyclical policies
Tito Belchior Silva Moreira and Fernando Antônio Ribeiro Soares
16/04/2012 Mexico: food price increases and growth constraints
Moritz Cruz, Armando Sánchez and Edmund Amann
16/04/2012 Dissecting the Chilean export boom
Raphael Bergoeing, Alejandro Micco and Andrea Repetto
16/04/2012 Chile: early retirement, impatience and risk aversion
Jaime Ruiz-Tagle and Pablo Tapia
16/04/2012 Profit margins, financing and investment in the Peruvian business sector (1998-2008)
Germán Alarco T.
16/04/2012 Do private schools in Argentina perform better because they are private?
María Marta Formichella
16/04/2012 Technology, trade and skills in Brazil: evidence from micro data
Bruno César Araújo, Francesco Bogliacino and Marco Vivarelli
16/04/2012 Brazil: structural change and balance-of-paymentsconstrained growth
João Prates Romero, Fabrício Silveira and Frederico G. Jayme Jr.
13/04/2012 The dynamics of industrial energy consumption in Latin America and their implications for sustainable development
Hugo Altomonte, Nelson Correa, Diego Rivas and Giovanni Stumpo
13/04/2012 Income inequality and credit markets
Adolfo Figueroa
13/04/2012 Trinidad and Tobago: Inter-industry wage differentials
Allister Mounsey and Tracy Polius
09/12/2011 Macroeconomy for development: countercyclical policies and production sector transformation
José Antonio Ocampo
09/12/2011 Latin America: school bullying and academic achievement
Marcela Román and F. Javier Murillo
09/12/2011 Tourism competitiveness in the Caribbean
Bineswaree Bolaky
09/12/2011 Argentina: households and labour market changes (2004-2009)
Fernando Groisman
09/12/2011 Argentine industry in the early twenty-first century (2003-2008)
Germán Herrera and Andrés Tavosnanska
09/12/2011 Productivity differences in Brazilian manufacturing firms, by industrial sector
Ronivaldo Steingraber and Flávio Gonçalves
09/12/2011 Innovation, R and D investment and productivity in Chile
Roberto Álvarez, Claudio Bravo-Ortega and Lucas Navarro
09/12/2011 The quality gap in Chile's education system
José Luis Drago and Ricardo D. Paredes
09/12/2011 Colombia: public capital and manufacturing productivity
Sergio Jiménez R. and Jaime Sanaú V.
09/12/2011 Maquila, currency misalignment and export-led growth in Mexico
Carlos A. Ibarra
25/07/2011 The growing and changing middle class in Latin America: an update
Rolando Franco, Martín Hopenhayn and Arturo León
25/07/2011 Wage inequality in Latin America: a decade of changes
Dante Contreras and Sebastián Gallegos
25/07/2011 Latin America: financial systems and financing of investment. Diagnostics and proposals
Luis Felipe Jiménez and Sandra Manuelito
25/07/2011 The "China effect" on commodity prices and Latin American export earnings
Rhys Jenkins
25/07/2011 Latin America: variability and persistence in commodity prices
Omar D. Bello, Fernando Cantú and Rodrigo Heresi
25/07/2011 Bahamas and Barbados: empirical evidence of interest rate pass-through
Daniel O. Boamah, Mahalia N. Jackman and Nlandu Mamingi
25/07/2011 mercosur as an export platform for the automotive industry
Valeria Arza
25/07/2011 Positional inconsistency: a new concept in social stratification
Kathya Araujo and Danilo Martuccelli
25/07/2011 The Brazilian sugar and alcohol sector: evolution, productive chain and innovations
Eduardo Strachman and Gustavo Milan Pupin
25/07/2011 Brazil: an empirical study on fiscal policy transmission
Tito Belchior Silva Moreira
04/04/2011 Macroeconomics for development: from "financierism" to "productivism"
Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
04/04/2011 Global economic crises, environmental-resource scarcity and wealth concentration
Ramón López
04/04/2011 From national to local economic development: theoretical issues
Mario D. Tello
04/04/2011 A competitiveness index for the regions of a country
Jorge Benzaquen, Luis Alfonso del Carpio, Luis Alberto Zegarra and Christian Alberto Valdivia
04/04/2011 The paradox of progressivity in low-tax countries: income tax in Guatemala
Santiago Díaz de Sarralde, Carlos Garcimartín and Jesús Ruiz-Huerta
04/04/2011 Differential fuel taxes and their effects on automobile demand
Claudio A. Agostini
04/04/2011 Is education income-equalizing? Evidence from Peru
Adolfo Figueroa
04/04/2011 Fiscal policy in times of crisis: macroeconomic effects of the primary surplus
Manoel Carlos de Castro Pires, Fábio Goto and Bruno Rocha
04/04/2011 The dynamics of Mexican manufacturing exports
Víctor M. Cuevas
06/12/2010 Raúl Prebisch and the dilemma of development in the globalised world
Aldo Ferrer
06/12/2010 Latin America: incorporating environmental factors into the measurement of production efficiency and technical change
Daniel Sotelsek and Leopoldo Laborda
06/12/2010 Economic performance clubs in the Americas: 1955-2003
Juan Gabriel Brida, Silvia London and Wiston Adrián Risso
06/12/2010 Latin America: problems and challenges of infrastructure financing
Patricio Rozas
06/12/2010 Reforming the pension reforms: Argentina and Chile
Rafael Rofman, Eduardo Fajnzylber and Germán Herrera
06/12/2010 Social coordination through public policies: the Chilean case
Aldo Mascareño
06/12/2010 Chile: Interaction between the State and civil society in policies on childhood
Carlos Andrade and Sara Arancibia
06/12/2010 Brazilian municipalities: agglomeration economies and development levels in 1997 and 2007
Eva Yamila da Silva Catela, Flávio Gonçalves and Gabriel Porcile
06/12/2010 The footwear industry in Vale do Sinos (Brazil): competitive adjustment in a labour-intensive sector
Achyles Barcelos da Costa
06/12/2010 Growth and concentration among the leading business groups in Mexico
Germán Alarco and Patricia del Hierro
10/08/2010 Structural constraints on development in Latin America and the Caribbean: a post-crisis reflection
Alicia Bárcena
10/08/2010 The financial and economic crisis of 2008 and its repercussions on economic thought
Gert Rosenthal
10/08/2010 Latin America, from boom to crisis: macroeconomic policy challenges
Osvaldo Kacef and Rafael López-Monti
10/08/2010 The economics of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean: stylized facts
Luis Miguel Galindo and Joseluis Samaniego
10/08/2010 Trade unions in the "South" in the era of globalization
Joseph Ramos
10/08/2010 Technological dynamism and social inclusion in Latin America: a resource-based production development strategy
Carlota Pérez
10/08/2010 Regional integration and export diversification in MERCOSUR: the case of Argentina and Brazil
Marta Bekerman and Cecilia Rikap
10/08/2010 Development banks in the financial-liberalization era: the case of BNDES in Brazil
Jennifer Hermann
10/08/2010 Paraguay's Tekoporã programme for cash transfers: debating targeting methods for beneficiaries
Rafael Perez Ribas, Guilherme Issamu Hirata and Fábio Veras Soares
08/04/2010 Financial regulation and oversight: lessons from the crisis for Latin America and the Caribbean
Filipa Correia, Luis Felipe Jiménez and Sandra Manuelito
08/04/2010 Employment dynamics and crises in Latin America
Lucas Navarro
08/04/2010 Child stunting and socio-economic inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Guillermo Paraje
08/04/2010 Argentina: how to study and act upon local innovation systems
Gabriel Yoguel, José A. Borello and Analía Erbes
08/04/2010 Brazil: how macroeconomic variables affect consumer confidence
Helder Ferreira de Mendonça
08/04/2010 Exchange-rate management in Brazil
Daniela M. Prates, André M. Cunha and Marcos T.C. Lélis
08/04/2010 Chile: academic performance and educational management under a rigid employment regime
Ricardo D. Paredes and Valentina Paredes
08/04/2010 A new approach to gender wage gaps in Chile
Marcela Perticará and Ivonne Bueno
08/04/2010 Colombia: social capital, social movements and sustainable development in Cauca
Raúl Cortés Landázury and Mónica María Sinisterra Rodríguez
08/04/2010 Mexico: total productivity changes at the principal container ports
Alejandro Guerrero C. and César Rivera T.
09/12/2009 The bigness of smallness: The financial crisis, its contagion mechanisms and its effects in Latin America
Daniel Titelman, Esteban Pérez Caldentey and Ramón Pineda
09/12/2009 Poverty reduction in Latin America: the role of demographic, social and economic factors
Jaime Ros
09/12/2009 Youth and feelings of belonging in Latin America: causes and risks of social fragmentation
Gonzalo A. Saraví
09/12/2009 Trade policy reform and poverty: successes and failures in Central America
Marco V. Sánchez
09/12/2009 The impact of remittances on macroeconomic stability: the cases of Mexico and Central America
Eliseo Díaz González
09/12/2009 Determinants of world manufacturing exports to China, 1990-2006
Roberto Álvarez E., Eugenio Figueroa B., María Pía Figueroa Z. and Macarena Palma E.
09/12/2009 Latin America: highlights from the implementation of the System of National Accounts 1993
Roberto Olinto Ramos, Gonzalo Pastor and Lisbeth Rivas
09/12/2009 Social benefits in Uruguay: why do some potential beneficiaries not apply?
Gabriel Burdín and Gioia de Melo
09/12/2009 Socio-economic and geographic profiling of crime in Chile
Mauro Gutiérrez, Javier Núñez and Jorge Rivera
09/12/2009 Latin American structuralism and economic theory
Armando Di Filippo
31/07/2009 Export diversification and growth in emerging economies
Manuel R. Agosin
31/07/2009 Chile: towards inclusive development
Ricardo Infante B. and Osvaldo Sunkel
31/07/2009 Institutions and public policies for rural development in Guatemala
Ottoniel Monterroso-Rivas
31/07/2009 Sixty years of ECLAC: structuralism and neo-structuralism
Ricardo Bielschowsky
31/07/2009 Editorial note
Osvaldo Sunkel and André Hofman
30/07/2009 The impact of the global financial crisis on Latin America
José Antonio Ocampo
30/07/2009 The international financial crisis: its nature and the economic policy challenges
José Luis Machinea
30/07/2009 The global crisis, speculative capital and innovative financing for development
Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
30/07/2009 Globalization and the new international trade environment
Osvaldo Rosales V.
30/07/2009 Public-private alliances for long-term national development strategies
Robert Devlin and Graciela Moguillansky
16/04/2009 Introduction
Alicia Bárcena
16/04/2009 ECLAC thinking in the CEPAL Review (1976-2008)
André Hofman and Miguel Torres
16/04/2009 Towards a theory of change
Raúl Prebisch
16/04/2009 Styles of development in Latin America
Aníbal Pinto
16/04/2009 Income distribution and poverty through crisis and adjustment
Oscar Altimir
16/04/2009 A historic turning point. Political change and the socio-institutional situation in Latin America
Fernando Calderón
16/04/2009 Spatial distribution, internal migration and development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Jorge Rodríguez Vignoli
16/04/2009 International finance and development: opportunity or threat?
Jorge García-Arias
16/04/2009 Venture capital and innovation in Latin America
Luis Felipe Jiménez
16/04/2009 The competitive real exchange-rate regime, inflation and monetary policy
Roberto Frenkel
16/04/2009 Distributive effects during the expansionary phase in Argentina (2002-2007)
Fernando Groisman
16/04/2009 The agricultural machinery industry in Argentina: from restructuring to internationalization?
Graciela M. C. García
16/04/2009 The structure and competitiveness of the Brazilian capital goods industry
André Nassif
16/04/2009 The economic returns to education in Mexico: a comparison between urban and rural areas
Juan Luis Ordaz-Díaz
11/12/2008 The emergence of Latin multinationals
Javier Santiso
11/12/2008 The new urban poverty: global, regional and Argentine dynamics during the last two decades
Gabriel Kessler and María Mercedes Di Virgilio
11/12/2008 Economic regulation to supplement bidding for public works contracts
Eugenio Rivera Urrutia
11/12/2008 The relation between foreign-exchange and banking crises in emerging countries: information and expectations problems
Daniel Sotelsek and Lilianne Pavón
11/12/2008 Mexico's slow-growth paradox
Carlos Ibarra
11/12/2008 Globalization and regional development: the economic performance of Chile's regions, 1990-2002
Juan Carlos Ramírez J. and Iván Silva Lira
11/12/2008 The financial protection impact of the public health system and private insurance in Brazil
Antônio M. Bós and Hugh R. Waters
11/12/2008 The impact of gender discrimination on poverty in Brazil
Rosycler Cristina Santos Simão and Sandro Eduardo Monsueto
11/12/2008 Bank consolidation and credit concentration in Brazil (1995-2004)
Daniel B. de Castro Almeida and Frederico G. Jayme Jr.
20/08/2008 ECLAC in its historical setting
Tulio Halperin
20/08/2008 Trade and investment rules: Latin American perspectives
Pierre Sauvé
20/08/2008 Poverty and employment in Latin America: 1990-2005
Simone Cecchini and Andras Uthoff
20/08/2008 Oil extraction and deforestation: a simulation exercise
Diego Azqueta and Gonzalo Delacámara
20/08/2008 Determinants of technological innovation in Argentina and Brazil
Eduardo Gonçalves, Mauro Borges Lemos and João de Negri
20/08/2008 Trade-growth relationship in Cuba: estimation using the Kalman filter
Pavel Vidal Alejandro and Annia Fundora Fernández
20/08/2008 Female-headed single-parent households and poverty in Costa Rica
T.H. Gindling and Luis Oviedo
20/08/2008 Urban segregation and school backwardness in Rio de Janeiro
Fátima Alves, Creso Franco and Luiz César de Queiroz Ribeiro
20/08/2008 Public-debt management: the Brazilian experience
Helder Ferreira de Mendonça and Viviane Santos Vivian
22/04/2008 The macroeconomics of the Latin American economic boom
José Antonio Ocampo
22/04/2008 The sustainability of monetary sterilization policies
Roberto Frenkel
22/04/2008 Public expenditure in Latin America: trends and key policy issues
Benedict Clements, Christopher Faircloth and Marijn Verhoeven
22/04/2008 Inequality, institutions and progress: a debate between history and the present
José Antonio Alonso
22/04/2008 Latin America meets China and India: prospects and challenges for trade and investment
Osvaldo Rosales and Mikio Kuwayama
22/04/2008 Is the phasing out of the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing eroding competitiveness in Central America and the Dominican Republic?
René A. Hernández
22/04/2008 The comparative advantage fallacy and a rule for convergence
Esteban Pérez Caldentey and Anesa Ali
22/04/2008 A boom in a heterogeneous economy. Peru 2002-2006
Norberto E. García
22/04/2008 Pluriactivity and family farming in Brazil: the case of Rio Grande do Sul
Flávio Sacco dos Anjos and Nádia Velleda Caldas
11/12/2007 Strengthening a fiscal pillar: the Uruguayan dual income tax
Alberto Barreix and Jerónimo Roca
06/12/2007 Youth employment: characteristics, tensions and challenges
Jürgen Weller
06/12/2007 The globalization of the health-care industry: opportunities for the Caribbean
Richard L. Bernal
05/12/2007 Foreign direct investment and development: the mercosur experience
Daniel Chudnovsky and Andrés López
05/12/2007 Developing competitive advantages: successful export SMEs in Argentina, Chile and Colombia
Dario Milesi, Virginia Moori, Verónica Robert and Gabriel Yoguel
05/12/2007 Effects of training on competitiveness in the manufacturing sector
Ramón Padilla and Miriam Juárez
01/12/2007 Social protection in the English-speaking Caribbean
Oliver Paddison
01/12/2007 International migration and development: the socioeconomic impact of remittances in Colombia
David Khoudour-Castéras
01/12/2007 Non-sectoral agents and recent changes in Argentina's agricultural sector
Clara Craviotti
01/04/2007 Less volatile growth? The role of regional financial institutions
José Luis Machinea and Daniel Titelman
01/04/2007 Fiscal federalism in Brazil: an overview
José Serra and José Roberto R. Afonso
01/04/2007 What are fiscal rules for? A critical analysis of the Argentine experience
Miguel Braun and Nicolás Gadano
01/04/2007 Trade agreements by Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with the United States: effects on trade, production and welfare
José E. Durán Lima, Carlos J. de Miguel and Andrés R. Schuschny
01/04/2007 Employment Challenges and Policy Responses in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
Christoph Ernst, Janine Berg and Peter Auer
01/04/2007 Evolution of the link between selective anti-poverty policies and social sectors policies
Ana Sojo
01/04/2007 Effects of urban segregation on education in Montevideo
Rubén Kaztman and Alejandro Retamoso
01/04/2007 Consensus and dissension among Mexican economists
Carlos M. Urzúa
04/01/2007 Mirrors of change: industrialists in Chile and Uruguay
Andrés Rivarola
01/12/2006 Economic paradigms and the role of the State in Latin America
Enrique V. Iglesias
01/12/2006 Angel or Demon? China's Trade Impact on Latin American countries
Jorge Blázquez-Lidoy, Javier Rodríguez, Javier Santiso
01/12/2006 Trade and infrastructure in the Andean Community
Gina E. Acosta Rojas, Germán Calfat and Renato G. Flôres Jr.
01/12/2006 Fiscal policy and the commodities boom: the impact of higher prices for non-renewables in Latin America and the Caribbean
Juan Pablo Jiménez and Varinia Tromben
01/12/2006 Fiscal policy and social protection
Eduardo Aldunate and Ricardo Martner
01/12/2006 Social capital and participatory management in the Pátzcuaro basin
John Durston and Eduardo López
01/12/2006 Associational life and local development in two Nicaraguan villages
Nadia Molenaers
01/12/2006 Wage rigidity in Chile
Andrés Marinakis
01/12/2006 The expansion model of the major Chilean retail chains
Álvaro Calderón Hoffmann
01/12/2006 Earning inequalities in Brazil: quantile regressions and the decomposition approach
Sandro Eduardo Monsueto, Ana Flávia Machado and André Braz Golgher
01/08/2006 30 YEARS
Oscar Altimir
01/08/2006 Gaps in the welfare State and reforms to pension systems in Latin America
Andras Uthoff
01/08/2006 Heterogeneous demand and market segmentation: the Argentine pension funds system
Ignacio Apella
01/08/2006 Structural change and domestic technological capabilities
Jorge Katz
01/08/2006 Industrial policy and development
Wilson Suzigan and João Furtado
01/08/2006 A tax on currency transactions as an instrument in the war against poverty
John Williamson
01/08/2006 Relative prices in Latin America in periods of low inflation and structural change
Pedro Sáinz and Sandra Manuelito
01/08/2006 Income instability, mobility and distribution in Argentina
Luis Beccaria and Fernando Groisman
01/08/2006 Labour mobility in Argentina since the mid-1990s: the hard road back to formal employment
Victoria Castillo, Marta Novick, Sofía Rojo and Gabriel Yoguel
01/08/2006 Poverty dynamics in Costa Rica with panel data from cross-sections
Pablo Slon and Edwin Zúñiga
01/08/2006 Import substitution in Brazil between 1995 and 2000
Renato Baumann and Ana Maria de Paiva Franco
01/04/2006 Celso Furtado's contributions to structuralism and their relevance today
Ricardo Bielschowsky
01/04/2006 Has investor protection been rendered obsolete by the Argentine crisis?
Michael Mortimore and Leonardo Stanley
01/04/2006 The rights-based approach in development. Policies and strategies
Victor Abramovich
01/04/2006 Can the Latin American and Caribbean countries emulate the Irish model of FDI attraction?
Ruth Rios-Morales and David O'Donovan
01/04/2006 The slow comeback of industrial policies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Wilson Peres
01/04/2006 A low-growth model: Informality as a structural constraint
Mario Cimoli, Annalisa Primi and Maurizio Pugno
01/04/2006 The Argentine labour market in a financially globalized world
Mario Damill and Roberto Frenkel
01/04/2006 Social precarity in Mexico and Argentina: Trends, manifestations and national trajectories
María Cristina Bayón
01/04/2006 The Fiscal Covenant in Guatemala: lessons learned from the negotiations
Juan Alberto Fuentes K. and Maynor Cabrera
01/04/2006 Changes in Chile's production structure, 1986-1996: Output and industrial interdependence
José Miguel Albala-Bertrand
01/12/2005 Policies for economic diversification
Dani Rodrik
01/12/2005 Towards an efficient innovation policy in Latin America
William F. Maloney and Guillermo Perry
01/12/2005 Reassessing social policies in Latin America: Growth, middle classes and social rights
Andrés Solimano
01/12/2005 Health-care financing and equity: public insurance in Chile
Rafael Urriola Urbina
01/12/2005 Tax reform for human development in Central America
Manuel R. Agosin, Alberto Barreix, Juan Carlos Gómez Sabaini and Roberto Machado
01/12/2005 Public debt sustainability in the northern countries of Latin America
Igor Paunovic
01/12/2005 The accumulation process and agrofood networks in Latin America
Roberto Bisang and Graciela E. Gutman
01/12/2005 The technical skills of information technology workers in Argentina
José Borello, Analía Erbes, Verónica Robert, Sonia Roitter and Gabriel Yoguel
01/12/2005 Regional integration and the labour market: the Brazilian case
Marta Reis Castilho
01/12/2005 Central bank independence and its relationship to inflation
Helder Ferreira de Mendonça
01/08/2005 Exchange rate regimes and macroeconomic performance in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
Martin Grandes and Helmut Reisen
01/08/2005 Decentralization, territorial transfers and local development
Iván Finot
01/08/2005 Is there room for local development in a globalized world?
Sergio Boisier
01/08/2005 The settlement of disputes under the WTO. The experience of Latin America and the Caribbean
Gonzalo Biggs
01/08/2005 Conditional cash transfer programmes: experiences from Latin America
Pablo Villatoro
01/08/2005 The human capital endowment of Latin America and the Caribbean
Gregorio Giménez
01/08/2005 Adolescent reproduction: the case of Chile and its policy implications
Jorge Rodríguez V.
01/08/2005 The dynamic of employment in Chilean industry
Sebastián Vergara M.
01/08/2005 Uruguay 1998-2002: income distribution during the crisis
Marisa Bucheli and Magdalena Furtado
01/08/2005 Social and economic problems in Cuba during the crisis and subsequent recovery
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
01/04/2005 The "new regionalism" and the Free Trade Area of the Americas: a less benevolent view
Roberto Bouzas
01/04/2005 The State, the markets and development financing
Rogério Studart
01/04/2005 Systemic governance and development in Latin America
Christian von Haldenwang
01/04/2005 The monetary pendulum in Mexico
David Ibarra
01/04/2005 Brazilian fiscal institutions: the Cardoso reforms, 1995-2002
Fabio Giambiagi and Marcio Ronci
01/04/2005 Local economic development and territorial competitiveness in Latin America
Iván Silva Lira
01/04/2005 Dimensions of poverty and gender policies
Irma Arriagada
01/04/2005 Mortgage loans and access to housing for low-income households in Latin America
Gerardo M. Gonzales Arrieta
01/04/2005 Spatial segregation, employment and poverty in Montevideo
Rubén Kaztman and Alejandro Retamoso
01/04/2005 Intergenerational social mobility in urban Mexico
Fernando Cortés and Agustín Escobar Latapí
01/12/2004 The renewed currency of Raúl Prebisch
Rubens Ricupero
01/12/2004 Method and passion in Celso Furtado
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
01/12/2004 Mexico's market reforms in historical perspective
Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid and Jaime Ros
01/12/2004 An appraisal of a quarter-century of structural pension reforms in Latin America
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
01/12/2004 International trade and global poverty
Alieto Aldo Guadagni and Jorge Kaufmann
01/12/2004 Public debt sustainability
Ricardo Martner and Varinia Tromben
01/12/2004 The relations between different levels of government in Argentina
Oscar Cetrángolo and Juan Pablo Jiménez
01/12/2004 The relations between different levels of government in Brazil
José Roberto Rodrigues Afonso
01/12/2004 Tertiary sector employment in Latin America: between modernity and survival
Jürgen Weller
01/12/2004 Inequality in Central America in the 1990s
Juan Diego Trejos and Thomas H. Gindling
01/08/2004 Beyond economics: interactions between politics and economic development
Fernando Henrique Cardoso
01/08/2004 Urban segregation and public space: young people in enclaves of structural poverty
Gonzalo A. Saraví
01/08/2004 Rural non-farm employment and rural diversity in Latin America
Martine Dirven
01/08/2004 Food security and family farming
Gustavo Gordillo de Anda
01/08/2004 Growth, competitiveness and employment in Peru, 1990-2003
Norberto E. García
01/08/2004 The market and water management reform in Peru
Eduardo Zegarra
01/08/2004 The export performance of Chilean firms: some stylized facts
Roberto Álvarez E.
01/08/2004 Measuring technological, capabilities in Mexican industry
Lilia Domínguez and Flor Brown
01/08/2004 Basel II: developing countries and portfolio diversification
Stephany Griffith-Jones, Miguel Ángel Segoviano and Stephen Spratt
01/08/2004 IDB lending to budget oversight institutions
Carlos Santiso
01/08/2004 Less advanced sectors in the Latin American fertility transition
Susana Schkolnik and Juan Chackiel
01/04/2004 The devious maze of the international order: the importation of reforms
David Ibarra
01/04/2004 Foreign banks in Latin America: a paradoxical result
Graciela Moguillansky, Rogerio Studart and Sebastián Vergara
01/04/2004 A proposal for unitary taxes on the profits of transnational corporations
Andrew Mold
01/04/2004 Regional integration and macroeconomic coordination in Latin America
Hubert Escaith
01/04/2004 Import substitution in high-tech industries: Prebisch lives in Asia!
Alice H. Amsden
01/04/2004 Industrial competitiveness in Brazil ten years after economic liberalization
João Carlos Ferraz, David Kupfer and Mariana Iootty
01/04/2004 The influence of capital origin on Brazilian foreign trade patterns
Célio Hiratuka and Fernanda De Negri
01/04/2004 Information and knowledge: the diffusion of information and communication technologies in the Argentine manufacturing sector
Gabriel Yoguel, Marta Novick, Darío Milesi, Sonia Roitter and José Borello
01/04/2004 Local economic development and decentralization in Latin America
Francisco Alburquerque, in memory of Gabriel Aghón
01/04/2004 Migrations, the labour market and poverty in Greater Buenos Aires
Rosalía Cortés and Fernando Groisman
01/04/2004 Households, poverty and policy in times of crisis. Mexico, 1992-1996
Benjamín Davis, Sudhanshu Handa and Humberto Soto
01/12/2003 Colombia's experience with reserve requirements on capital inflows
José Antonio Ocampo and Camilo E. Tovar
01/12/2003 The unremunerated reserve requirement and net capital flows: Chile in the 1990s
Guillermo Le Fort V. and Sergio Lehmann
01/12/2003 Unfinished business in the international dialogue on debt
Barry Herman
01/12/2003 Towards an integrated vision for dealing with instability and risk
Víctor E. Tokman
01/12/2003 The role of insurance in social protection
Daniel Titelman and Andras Uthoff
01/12/2003 Fiscal policy and social protection in Chile
Alberto Arenas de Mesa and Julio Guzmán Cox
01/12/2003 Implications of the shift in United States farm policy
Carlos Basco, Iván Buccellato, Valentina Delich and Diana Tussie
01/12/2003 Trade liberalization and economic growth in Central America
Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid and Esteban Pérez
01/12/2003 Education, communication and culture in the information society: a Latin American perspective
Martín Hopenhayn
01/12/2003 Microfinance institutions in the development of financial markets
Eva Terberger
01/08/2003 Brazil's second catch-up: characteristics and constraints
Antonio Barros de Castro
01/08/2003 Employment and structural mobility. Revisiting a Prebischian theme
Adolfo Gurrieri, Pedro Sainz
01/08/2003 Globalization and financial crises in Latin America
Roberto Frenkel
01/08/2003 Globalization and international migration: the Latin American experience
Andrés Solimano
01/08/2003 Has trade liberalization created pollution havens in Latin America?
Rhys Jenkins
01/08/2003 "Japanization" of the employment relationship: three cases in Argentina
Makoto Sano, Luis Alberto Di Martino
01/08/2003 Labour intermediation services: lessons for Latin America and the Caribbean
Jacqueline Mazza
01/08/2003 Resolving international trade and investment disputes
Gonzalo Biggs
01/08/2003 Social vulnerability, insurance and risk diversification in Latin America and the Caribbean
Ana Sojo
01/08/2003 Whither reform? Towards a new agenda for Latin America
Joseph E. Stiglitz
01/04/2003 Accountability in government programmes to promote small and medium-sized enterprises
Mario Castillo, Roy C. Nelson
01/04/2003 Are Central American export specialization patterns "sticky"?
Klaus Lindegaard, Leiner Vargas
01/04/2003 ECLAC, transnational corporations and the quest for a Latin American development strategy
Daniel Kerner
01/04/2003 Expanding the coverage of pension systems in Latin America
Luis Felipe Jiménez, Jéssica Cuadros
01/04/2003 Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America
Emilio Zevallos V.
01/04/2003 Pension reform in Europe in the 1990s: lessons for Latin America
Louise Fox, Edward Palmer
01/04/2003 Policy response to poverty and inequality in the developing world
Albert Berry
01/04/2003 The Argentine crisis and its impact on household welfare
Ariel Fiszbein, Paula Inés Giovagnoli, Isidro Adúriz
01/04/2003 The determinants of recent foreign bank penetration in Brazil
Luiz Fernando Rodrigues de Paula
01/04/2003 The terms of trade for commodities in the twentieth century
José Antonio Ocampo, María Ángela Parra
01/12/2002 Behaviour of Brazilian export firms: implications for the Free Trade Area of the Americas
Renato Baumann, Francisco Galrão Carneiro
01/12/2002 Descentralization and participation in Latin America: an economic perspective
Iván Finot
01/12/2002 Economic growth and human development in Latin America
Gustav Ranis, Frances Stewart
01/12/2002 Income distribution in Argentina, 1974-2000
Oscar Altimir, Luis Beccaria, Martín González Rozada
01/12/2002 Labour markets and pension systems
Andras Uthoff
01/12/2002 Making infrastructure reform in Latin America work for the poor
Antonio Estache, Vivien Foster, Quentin Wodon
01/12/2002 Medical care equity for older persons in Chile: the role of the insurance sector
Steven P. Wallace
01/12/2002 NAFTA and the loss of US market share by Brazil, 1992-2001
Jorge Chani Batista, João Pedro Wagner de Azevedo
01/12/2002 Trade, resources and inequality in Latin America
Juan Luis Londoño
01/12/2002 United States interest rates, Latin American debt and financial contagion
Inés Bustillo, Helvia Velloso
01/08/2002 Changes and inequality in Latin American families
Irma Arriagada
01/08/2002 Education and the labor market in Latin America: confronting globalization
Beverley Carlson
01/08/2002 EMBRAER: From national champion to global player
Andrea Goldstein
01/08/2002 Growth, instability and the convertibility crisis in Argentina
José María Fanelli
01/08/2002 Infrastructure to support the digital economy in Chile
Rossella Cominetti C.
01/08/2002 Institutional reform and government coordination in Brazil's social protection policy
Vilmar E. Faria
01/08/2002 International tax cooperation and capital mobility
Valpy FitzGerald
01/08/2002 Investment and financial volatility in Latin America
Graciela Moguillansky
01/08/2002 Reforms and growth in Latin America
Andrea C. Bandeira, Fernando Garcia
01/04/2002 Bolivia's commodity price shock
Gabriel Loza T.
01/04/2002 Challenges for secondary education in Latin America
Juan Carlos Tedesco and Néstor López
01/04/2002 Equity and exclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean: the case of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples
Álvaro Bello, Marta Rangel
01/04/2002 Hub ports in Mexico: limitations and opportunities
Carlos Martner Peyrelongue
01/04/2002 Structural reforms and economic growth in Latin America: a sensitivity analysis
Rafael Correa
01/04/2002 The idea of citizenship in the Latin American debate
Carlos Sojo
01/04/2002 The impact of exports on growth in Chile
Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
01/04/2002 The role of institutions in local contexts
Kirsten Appendini, Monique Nuijten
01/04/2002 The strategies of multinational companies in 1990s Argentina
Daniel Chudnovsky, Andrés López
01/04/2002 The transformation of collective action in Latin America
Manuel Antonio Garretón M.
01/04/2002 Urban traffic congestion: its economic and social causes and consequences
Ian Thomson, Alberto Bull
01/12/2001 Employment in Latin America: cornerstone of social policy
Barbara Stallings, Jürgen Weller
01/12/2001 Foreword. Tribute to Raúl Prebisch
Oscar Altimir
01/12/2001 Markets and the State in the evolution of the "Prebisch manifesto"
Edgar Dosman
01/12/2001 Participation by the poor in the fruits of growth
Mario La Fuente, Pedro Sáinz
01/12/2001 Prebisch: the continuing validity of his basic ideas
Octavio Rodríguez
01/12/2001 Raúl Prebisch and the development agenda at the dawn of the twenty-first century
José Antonio Ocampo
01/12/2001 Raúl Prebisch on ECLAC's achievements and deficiencies: an unpublished interview
David Pollock, Daniel Kerner and Joseph Love
01/12/2001 Raúl Prebisch: his years in government
Roberto Cortés Conde
01/12/2001 Sectoral regimes, productivity and international competitiveness
Jorge Katz, Giovanni Stumpo
01/12/2001 Seduced and abandoned: the social isolation of the urban poor
Rubén Kaztman
01/12/2001 Static and dynamic impacts of MERCOSUR: the case of the pharmaceutical sector
Marta Bekerman, Pablo Sirlin
01/12/2001 Technological change and opportunities for development as a moving target
Carlota Pérez
01/12/2001 The ideas of young Prebisch
Adolfo Gurrieri
01/12/2001 The motive ideas behind three industrialization processes
Norberto González
01/12/2001 The return of "vulnerability" and Raul Prebisch's early thinking on the "Argentine business cycle"
Arturo O'Connell
01/12/2001 Trade in transgenic products: a review of the international debate
María Angélica Larach
01/08/2001 A new look at the development agenda
José Antonio Ocampo
01/08/2001 An econometric analysis of private-sector investment in Brazil
Marcio Bruno Ribeiro, Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira
01/08/2001 Corporate competitiveness in Latin America and the Caribbean
Michael Mortimore and Wilson Peres
01/08/2001 Globalization and tax competition: implications for developing countries
Reuven S. Avi-Yonah
01/08/2001 Managing in the public sector for investment and growth
Ricardo Martner
01/08/2001 Policies for small and medium-sized enterprises in Chile
Cecilia Alarcón, Giovanni Stumpo
01/08/2001 Reflections on development financing
Roberto Frenkel
01/08/2001 Reforming health-care management in Latin America
Ana Sojo
01/08/2001 The banking supervision agenda in Latin America
Ernesto Livacic, Sebastián Sáez
01/08/2001 The small economies of Latin America and the Caribbean
Hubert Escaith
01/08/2001 The WTO entry of China and its impact on the countries of the Caribbean Basin
Eduardo Gitli, Randall Arace
01/04/2001 Brazil in the 1990s: an economy in transition
Renato Baumann
01/04/2001 Education and development in Brazil, 1995-2000
Paulo Renato Souza
01/04/2001 Educational reform in Chile
José Pablo Arellano
01/04/2001 Industrial policy, comparative advantages and growth
Jaime Ros
01/04/2001 Job-seeking strategies in Trinidad and Tobago
Kathleen Valtonen
01/04/2001 Old and new forms of citizenship
Martín Hopenhayn
01/04/2001 Social protection for the poor in Latin America
Norman Hicks, Quentin Wodon
01/04/2001 Strengthening regional financial cooperation
Manuel R. Agosin
01/04/2001 The Latin American social agenda in the year 2000
Rolando Franco, Pedro Sáinz
01/04/2001 Why is there so much economic insecurity in Latin America?
Dani Rodrik
01/12/2000 Employment trends in Latin America and the Caribbean during the 1990s
Jürgen Weller
01/12/2000 Expert opinion as an instrument for assessing investment in primary education
Ernesto Schiefelbein, Laurence Wolff, Paulina Schiefelbein
01/12/2000 New challenges for equity in Uruguay
Rubén Kaztman, Fernando Filgueira, Magdalena Furtado
01/12/2000 Population ageing and pension systems in Latin America
Jorge Bravo
01/12/2000 Social stratification under tension in a globalized era
Emilio Klein, Víctor Tokman
01/12/2000 Static and dynamic effects of Mercosur. The case of the footwear sector
Marta Bekerman, Pablo Sirlin
01/12/2000 The adjustment strategies of Mexican ejidatarios in the face of neoliberal reform
Benjamin Davis
01/12/2000 The labour market and income distribution in Colombia in the 1990s
José Antonio Ocampo, Fabio Sánchez, Camilo Ernesto Tovar
01/12/2000 What schools teach us about educating poor children in Chile?
Beverley A. Carlson
01/08/2000 Creating capabilities in local environments and production networks
Gabriel Yoguel
01/08/2000 Education and income distribution in urban Brazil, 1976-1996
Francisco H.G. Ferreira and Ricardo Paes de Barros
01/08/2000 Employment and labour markets in the Dominican Republic: an overview of the literature
José R. Sánchez-Fung
01/08/2000 Structural changes and productivity in Latin American industry, 1970-1996
Jorge Katz
01/08/2000 Technological changes and industrial dynamics in Latin America
Gustavo Burachik
01/08/2000 The effects of growth and economic reform on income distribution in Latin America
Samuel A. Morley
01/08/2000 The potential for hub ports on the Pacific coast of South America
Jan Hoffmann
01/08/2000 The role of the State and the quality of the public sector
Vito Tanzi
01/08/2000 The tax regime for micro-enterprises in Cuba
Archibald R.M. Ritter
01/04/2000 Automatic fiscal stabilizers
Ricardo Martner
01/04/2000 Brazil: options for the future
Celso Furtado
01/04/2000 Equity in education in El Salvador
Alvaro Carrasco
01/04/2000 Financial openness: the experience of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
María Cristina Penido de Freitas, Daniela M. Prates
01/04/2000 Hirschman's view of development, or the art of trespassing and self-subversion
Javier Santiso
01/04/2000 How domestic violence came to be viewed as a public issue and policy object
Kathya Araujo, Virginia Guzman, Amalia Mauro
01/04/2000 Major macroeconomic disturbances, expectations and policy responses
Daniel Heymann
01/04/2000 Options for rural poverty reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean
Ruben G. Echeverria
01/04/2000 Prevention or repression? The false dilemma of citizen security
Irma Arriagada, Lorena Godoy
01/04/2000 The Spanish banks' strategies in Latin America
Alvaro Calderon, Ramon Casilda
01/12/1999 Access to housing and direct housing subsidies: some Latin American experiences
Gerardo M. Gonzales Arrieta
01/12/1999 Building community social capital
John Durston
01/12/1999 International financial reform: the broad agenda
José Antonio Ocampo
01/12/1999 Labour costs and competitiveness in the Latin American manufacturing sector, 1990-1998
Víctor E. Tokman, Daniel Martínez
01/12/1999 Military expenditure in Colombia: macroeconomic and microeconomic aspects
Yaneth Giha Tobar, Héctor Riveros Reyes and Andrés Soto Velasco
01/12/1999 Reform to health system financing in Chile
Daniel Titelman Kardonsky
01/12/1999 Social capital and culture: master keys to development
Bernardo Kliksberg
01/12/1999 Technological maturity in the world petrochemical industry
Javier Jasso Villazul
01/12/1999 Two challenges for the twenty-first century: achieving financial discipline and putting the internationalization process in order
Robert Boyer
01/12/1999 Worker participation in company profits or operating results in Latin America
Andrés E. Marinakis
01/08/1999 Argentina's Industrial Specialization Regime: new-generation industrial policy, or merely a transfer of resources?
Pablo Sirlin
01/08/1999 Comparative advantages and the exploitation of environmental resources
Diego Azqueta and Daniel Sotelsek
01/08/1999 ECLAC and the new growth theories
Adela Hounie, Lucía Pittaluga, Gabriel Porcile, Fabio Scatolin
01/08/1999 Educational decentralization models in Latin America
Emanuela Di Gropello
01/08/1999 Mercosur: its challenges to small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in terms of competition
Francisco Gatto
01/08/1999 The industrial policy debate
Bernardo Kosacoff, Adrián Ramos
01/08/1999 The natural gas industry and its regulation in Latin America
Humberto Campodónico
01/08/1999 The role of agents in agricultural policies: intentions and reality
Martine Dirven
01/08/1999 Trade and growth in Chile
Manuel R. Agosin
01/04/1999 Apparel-based industrialization in the Caribbean Basin: A threadbare garment?
Michael Mortimore
01/04/1999 Chile and its "lateral" trade policy
Sebastián Sáez, Juan Gabriel Valdés S.
01/04/1999 Concessions and road and rail transport optimization
Ian Thomson
01/04/1999 First World and Third World after the Cold War
Eric Hobsbawm
01/04/1999 Neoliberal reforms and macroeconomic policy in Peru
Oscar Dancourt
01/04/1999 Restructuring in manufacturing: case studies of Chile, Mexico and Venezuela
Carla Macario
01/04/1999 Science and technology policy and the National Innovation System in Argentina
Daniel Chudnovsky
01/04/1999 The impact of public investment on private investment in Brazil, 1947-1990
Bruno de Oliveira Cruz, Joanílio R. Teixeira
01/04/1999 The in-bond assembly industry and technical change
Rudolf M. Buitelaar, Ramón Padilla, Ruth Urrutia
01/04/1999 Training and the small enterprises of Latin America
Guillermo Labarca
01/04/1999 Urban dimensions in rural development
Alejandro Schejtman
01/12/1998 A development strategy founded on natural resource-based production clusters
Joseph Ramos
01/12/1998 Between political control and efficiency gains: the evolution of agrarian property rights in Mexico
Gustavo Gordillo, Alain de Janvry and Elizabeth Sadoulet
01/12/1998 Beyond the Washington Consensus: an ECLAC perspective
José Antonio Ocampo
01/12/1998 Big Latin American industrial companies and groups
Celso Garrido and Wilson Peres
01/12/1998 Determinants of inequality among urban households
Luis Felipe Jiménez L, Nora Ruedi A.
01/12/1998 Education in Latin America: demand and distribution are factors that matter
Nancy Birdsall , Juan Luis Londoño, Lesley O'Connell
01/12/1998 Health management contracts in Costa Rica from a comparative perspective
Ana Sojo
01/12/1998 Tariffs and the Plano Real in Brazil
Renato Baumann, Josefina Rivero and Yohana Zavattiero
01/12/1998 The Cuban economy
David Ibarra, Jorge Máttar
01/08/1998 Income distribution, poverty and social expenditure in Latin America
José Antonio Ocampo
01/08/1998 Competitiveness and labour regulations
Luis Beccaria, Pedro Galín
01/08/1998 Equity, foreign investment and international competitiveness
Adolfo Figueroa
01/08/1998 Free trade agreements and female labour: the Chilean situation
Alicia Frohmann, Pilar Romaguera
01/08/1998 Growth, distributive justice and social policy
Andrés Solimano
01/08/1998 Latin American families: convergences and divergences in models and policies
Irma Arriagada
01/08/1998 Macroeconomic trends in Paraguay from 1989 to 1997: consumption bubble and financial crisis
Stéphane Straub
01/08/1998 Military expenditure and development in Latin America
Eugenio Lahera, Marcelo Ortúzar
01/08/1998 Quality management promotion to improve competitiveness
Hessel Schuurman
01/08/1998 Regulating the private provision of drinking water and sanitation services
Terence R. Lee, Andrei S. Jouravlev
01/08/1998 Tensions in Latin American structural adjustment: allocation versus distribution
Daniel M. Schydlowsky
01/08/1998 The strategies pursued by Mexican firms in their efforts to become global players
Alejandra Salas-Porras
01/04/1998 Best practices, policy convergence and the WTO trade-related investment measures
Francisco Sercovich
01/04/1998 The evolution of the State's role in the regulation of land transport
Ian Thomson
01/04/1998 External capital flows in Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1990s: experiences and policies
Gunther Held, Raquel Szalachman
01/04/1998 Fiscal policy, cycles and growth
Ricardo Martner Fanta
01/04/1998 Institutions and growth: can human capital be a link?
Nauro Campos, Jeffrey B. Nugent
01/04/1998 Integrated water management from the perspective of the Dublin Principles
Miguel Solanes
01/04/1998 The Central Bank and Chilean macroeconomic policy in the 1990s
Roberto Zahler
01/04/1998 The North-South dimension of the environmental and cleaner technology industries
Jonathan R. Barton
01/04/1998 Possible effects of European Union widening on Latin America
Peter Nunnenkamp
01/12/1997 An integrated macro-model for the Caribbean subregion
Lucio Vinhas de Souza
01/12/1997 Equity in the public budget
Juan Martin
01/12/1997 How non-traditional are non-traditional exports? The experience of seven countries of the Caribbean Basin
Alberto Gabriele
01/12/1997 Non-market valuation of natural and environmental resources in Central America and the Caribbean
Steve Shultz
01/12/1997 Pension system reforms, the capital market and saving
Andras Uthoff
01/12/1997 Public institutions and explicit and implicit environmental policies
Nicolo Gligo
01/12/1997 The importance of local production and small-scale enterprises for Latin American development
Francisco Alburquerque
01/12/1997 The ongoing history of a Chilean metal products and machinery firm
Jorge Katz, Héctor Vera
01/12/1997 The public sector's role in Latin American development
Ricardo Carciofi
01/12/1997 Trade openness and structural change in the Brazilian motor industry
Ruy de Quadros Carvalho, Sérgio Robles Reis de Queiroz, Flávia Luciane Consoni, Ionara Costa, and Janaína Pamplona da Costa
01/12/1997 Swerves and skids by the Venezuelan economy
José Miguel Benavente
01/08/1997 Export promotion policies in Central America
Larry Willmore
01/08/1997 Indebtedness and fiscal stability: is history repeating itself?
Guillermo E. Perry
01/08/1997 Indigenous organizations: rising actors in Latin America
Rodolfo Stavenhagen
01/08/1997 Marginality and social integration in Uruguay
Ruben Kaztman
01/08/1997 Neo-liberal structural reforms in Latin America: the current situation
Joseph Ramos
01/08/1997 Nominal anchors and macroeconomic coordination options in MERCOSUR
Gonzalo Rodríguez Prada
01/08/1997 Non-agricultural rural employment in Central America
Jürgen Weller
01/08/1997 Reforms in the oil industry: the available options
Fernando Sánchez Albavera
01/08/1997 The State, the community and society in social development
Fernando Henrique Cardoso
01/08/1997 Trade and environment: green light or red light?
Helga Hoffmann
01/08/1997 Trade policy within the context of the World Trade Organization
Diana Tussie
01/04/1997 An appraisal of capital goods policy in Argentina
Pablo Sirlin
01/04/1997 Convertibility and the banking system in Argentina
Alfredo F. Calcagno
01/04/1997 Fiscal policy and the economic cycle in Chile
Carlos Budnevich, Guillermo Le Fort Varela
01/04/1997 Manufactured exports from small Latin American economies: the challenges ahead
Rudolf M. Buitelaar, Pitou van Dijck
01/04/1997 Notes on the measurement of poverty by the income method
Juan Carlos Feres
01/04/1997 Restructuring of production and territorial change: a second industrialization hub in Northern Mexico
Tito Alegria, Jorge Carrillo, Jorge Alonso Estrada
01/04/1997 Social rifts in Colombia
Juan Luis Londoño de la Cuesta
01/04/1997 The restructuring of the Brazilian industrial groups between 1980 and 1993
Ricardo M. Ruiz
01/04/1997 The United States to the rescue: financial assistance to Mexico in 1982 and 1995
Nora Lustig
01/04/1997 Three forms of social coordination
Norbert Lechner
01/04/1997 Why doesn't investment in public transport reduce urban traffic congestion?
Ian Thomson
01/12/1996 Biodiversity prospecting: a new panacea for development?
Julie M. Feinsilver
01/12/1996 Capital flows: lessons from the Chilean experience
Eduardo Aninat, Christian Larraín
01/12/1996 Changes in the industrial development of Latin America
José Miguel Benavente, Gustavo Crespi, Jorge Katz, Giovanni Stumpo
01/12/1996 Development thinking and policies: the way ahead
Gert Rosenthal
01/12/1996 Foreign investment and competitive development in Latin America and the Caribbean
Alejandro C. Vera-Vassallo
01/12/1996 Macroeconomic policies for growth
Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
01/12/1996 Pension system reforms in Latin America: the position of the international organizations
Carmelo Mesa-Lago
01/12/1996 The contributions of applied anthropology to peasant development
John Durston
01/12/1996 The Mexican peso crisis
Stephany Griffith-Jones
01/08/1996 Economic policy, institutions and productive development in Latin America
Osvaldo Rosales
01/08/1996 Education in basic skills and training for productive work
Guillermo Labarca
01/08/1996 Potential and limits of health management reform in Chile
Ana Sojo
01/08/1996 Social investment funds in Latin America
Gabriel Siri
01/08/1996 Systemic competitiveness: a new challenge for firms and for government
Klaus Esser, Wolfgang Hillebrand, Dirk Messner and Jörg Meyer-Stamer
01/08/1996 The Argentine experience: development or a succession of bubbles?
Hugo Nochteff
01/08/1996 The Caribbean countries and the Free Trade Area of the Americas
Trevor Harker, Sidya Ould El-Hadj and Lucio Vinhas de Souza
01/08/1996 The interplay of macro- and microeconomics
Gert Rosenthal
01/08/1996 Water rights markets: institutional elements
Miguel Solanes
01/04/1996 Central America: inflation and stabilization in the crisis and post-crisis eras
Hubert Escaith, Claudia Schatan
01/04/1996 Foreign trade and the environment: experiences in three Chilean export sectors
Imme Scholz
01/04/1996 Globalization and loss of autonomy by the fiscal, banking and monetary authorities
Juan Carlos Lerda
01/04/1996 Indicators of fiscal policy: design and applications for Chile
Ricardo Martner
01/04/1996 Mexico: the plan and the current situation
David Ibarra
01/04/1996 Property rights and the rural land market in Latin America
Frank Vogelgesang
01/04/1996 Social policy paradigms in Latin America
Rolando Franco
01/04/1996 The competitive challenge for Brazilian industry
João Carlos Ferraz, David Kupfer and Lia Hagenauer
01/04/1996 The macroeconomic context and investment: Latin America since 1980
Graciela Moguillansky
01/04/1996 The State, business and the restoration of the neoclassical paradigm
Antônio Barros de Castro
01/04/1996 Virtues and limitations of census maps for identifying critical deficiencies
Ruben Kaztman
01/01/1996 ECLAC and the sociology of development
Enzo Faletto
01/12/1995 Central America: macroeconomic performance and social financing
Francisco Esquivel Villegas
01/12/1995 Governance, competitiveness and social integration
Fernando Calderón G.
01/12/1995 Human rights and the child
Teresa Albánez
01/12/1995 New trends in wage policies
Andrés Marinakis
01/12/1995 Panama and Central American economic integration
Luis René Cáceres
01/12/1995 Port privatization, labour reform and social equity
Larry A. Burkhalter
01/12/1995 The creation of the United Nations and ECLAC
Hernán Santa Cruz
01/12/1995 The dual currency bifurcation of Cuba's economy in the 1990s: causes, consequences and cures
Archibald R.M. Ritter
01/12/1995 The United Nations and ECLAC at the half-century mark of the Organization
Gert Rosenthal
01/12/1995 Transnationalization and integration of production in Latin America
Armando Di Filippo
01/08/1995 Can growth and equity go hand in hand?
Joseph Ramos
01/08/1995 Democracy and development
Fernando H. Cardoso
01/08/1995 Economic relations between Latin America and the high-performing Asian developing economies
Ronald Sprout
01/08/1995 Globalization and restructuring the energy sector in Latin America
Fernando Sánchez Albavera
01/08/1995 How much can we spend on education?
Guillermo Labarca
01/08/1995 Pension system reform in Latin America
Andras Uthoff
01/08/1995 Recent economic trends in China and their implications for trade with Latin America and the Caribbean
Mikio Kuwayama
01/08/1995 Rules of origin: new implications
Eduardo Gitli
01/08/1995 Stability and structure: interactions in economic growth
José María Fanelli, Roberto Frenkel
01/08/1995 The kaleidoscope of competitiveness
Geraldo Müller
01/08/1995 The privatization of public water utilities
Miguel Solanes
01/08/1995 Women and migrants: inequalities in the labour market of Santiago, Chile
Ivonne Szasz
01/04/1995 A summary of the ECLAC proposals
Eugenio Lahera, Ernesto Ottone and Osvaldo Rosales V.
01/04/1995 Aníbal Pinto Santa Cruz
Gert Rosenthal
01/04/1995 Capital movements and external financing
Benjamín Hopenhayn
01/04/1995 Decentralization and democracy: the new Latin American municipality
Eduardo Palma
01/04/1995 El Salvador: industrial policy, business attitudes and future prospects
Roberto Salazar Candell
01/04/1995 Post-conflict peace-building: a challenge for the United Nations
Graciana del Castillo
01/04/1995 Technological change and structuralist analysis
Armando Kuri Gaytán
01/04/1995 The impact of exchange-rate and trade policy on export performance in the 1980s
Graciela Moguillansky
01/04/1995 The political economy of protection after the Uruguay Round
José Tavares de Araujo
01/04/1995 The present state and future prospects of the environment in Latin America and the Caribbean
Nicolo Gligo
01/04/1995 Trade policy and international linkages: a Latin American perspective
Marta Bekerman and Pablo Sirlin
01/04/1995 Transnational corporations and structural changes in industry in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico
Ricardo Bielschowsky, Giovanni Stumpo
01/04/1995 Youth expectations and rural development
Martine Dirven
01/01/1995 Economic relations between Latin America and the European Union
Roberto Smith Perera
01/12/1994 Central American integration: its costs and benefits
Luis René Cáceres
01/12/1994 Extraordinary comparative advantage and long-run growth: the case of Ecuador
André A. Hofman and Rudolf Buitelaar
01/12/1994 Fiscal adjustment and social spending
Rossella Cominetti
01/12/1994 Health care markets: their morphology, behaviour and regulation
Jorge Katz and Ernesto Miranda
01/12/1994 Labour market flexibility: what does it really mean?
Ricardo A. Lagos Escobar
01/12/1994 Liberalization or financial development?
Günther Held
01/12/1994 Some lessons of the Argentine privatization process
Daniel Azpiazu and Adolfo Vispo
01/12/1994 The cultural industry and new codes of modernity
Martín Hopenhayn
01/12/1994 The modernization of bank supervision
Christian Larraín P.
01/12/1994 Women's formal education: achievements and obstacles
Diane Alméras
01/08/1994 Agroindustry and changing production patterns in small-scale agriculture
Alejandro Schejtman
01/08/1994 Changes in the urban female labour market
Irma Arriagada
01/08/1994 China's economic reform and opening to the world: a retrospective and prospective view
Li Cong
01/08/1994 Financial repression and the Latin American finance pattern
Marcos Antônio Macedo Cintra
01/08/1994 Foreign capital inflows and macroeconomic policies
Andras Uthoff, Daniel Titelman Kardonsky
01/08/1994 Industrial policy and promotion of competitiveness
Osvaldo Rosales V.
01/08/1994 Latin America and the Caribbean and the world economy
Gert Rosenthal
01/08/1994 National private groups in Mexico, 1987-1993
Celso Garrido
01/08/1994 Open regionalism and economic integration
Juan Alberto Fuentes
01/08/1994 Policies for competitiveness
Wilson Peres Núñez
01/08/1994 Public policies and the competitiveness of agricultural exports
Milton Von Hesse
01/08/1994 Water management and river basins in Latin America
Axel Dourojeanni
01/04/1994 A cultural view of the ECLAC proposals
Fernando G. Calderón, Martín Hopenhayn and Ernesto Ottone
01/04/1994 ECLAC and neoliberalism: an interview with Fernando Fajnzylber
Fernando Fernández
01/04/1994 Ecuador: the country's progress from chronic to moderate inflation
Luis Jácome Hidalgo
01/04/1994 Export processing in the Caribbean: the Jamaican experience
Larry Willmore
01/04/1994 Income distribution and poverty through crisis and adjustment
Oscar Altimir
01/04/1994 New directions for public management
Eugenio Lahera
01/04/1994 New strategies of transnational corporations in Argentina
Bernardo Kosacoff and Gabriel Bezchinsky
01/04/1994 Price elasticity of Central American agricultural exports
Alberto Gabriele
01/04/1994 Productivity, growth and industrial exports in Brazil
Regis Bonelli
01/04/1994 Regionalization processes: past crisis and current options
Sergio Boisier
01/04/1994 The informal sector and poverty in Latin America
Guillermo Rosenbluth
01/04/1994 The petrochemical and machine tool industries: business strategies
Daniel Chudnovsky, Andrés López Restrepo and Fernando Porta
01/12/1993 Capital flows and their effect on the monetary base
Helmut Reisen
01/12/1993 European integration and Latin American trade
Miguel Izam
01/12/1993 Flying geese or sitting ducks? Transnationals and industry in developing countries
Michael Mortimore
01/12/1993 Inauguration of the Fernando Fajnzylber Conference Room and presentation of CEPAL Review Nº 50
Gert Rosenthal, Alejandro Foxley
01/12/1993 Indigenous peoples and modernity
John Durston
01/12/1993 Industrial policy: where do we stand?
Wilson Peres Núñez
01/12/1993 Integration and trade diversion
Renato Baumann
01/12/1993 Natural resources: the current debate
Fernando Sánchez Albavera
01/12/1993 Old and new trade policies
Daniel Lederman
01/12/1993 Rural society: its integration and disintegration
Martine Dirven
01/12/1993 The challenge of industrial competitiveness
Rudolf Buitelaar and Leonard Mertens
01/12/1993 Women: productivity and labour in the United States
Inés Bustillo and Nacy S. Barrett
01/08/1993 Financing decentralization
Dolores María Rufián Lizana
01/08/1993 Growth crises and strategic turnarounds
Joseph Ramos
01/08/1993 In memory of Pedro Vuskovic
Jacobo Schatan
01/08/1993 Intraregional migration of skilled manpower
Jorge Martínez Pizarro
01/08/1993 Market failure and technological policy
Jorge Katz
01/08/1993 Regional integration in the 1990s
Gert Rosenthal
01/08/1993 Social sciences and social reality in Central America
Andrés Pérez
01/08/1993 Socioeconomic structure and colective behaviour
Rodrigo Baño
01/08/1993 The history of the social stratification of Latin America
Enzo Faletto
01/08/1993 The integrationist revival: A return to Prebisch's policy prescriptions
José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs
01/08/1993 The monetary crisis, dollarization and the exchange rate
Paulo Nogueira Batista Jr.
01/08/1993 Trade liberalization in Latin America
Manuel R. Agosin and Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
10/12/1990 Neo-structuralism versus neo-liberalism in the 1990s
Osvaldo Sunkel and Gustavo Zuleta