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1 to 10 ofSeptember 2014, Santiago, Chile
Workshop on Redatam database createion and web applications development for census data dissemination

The objective of the workshop is to train participants in the creation of Redatam databases and the development of data dissemination applications so that they can later incorporate what was learned in their respective countries. CELADE, Population Division's interest is to provide continuous support to national and international institutions in the use and dissemination of sociodemographic and sectoral information, especially population census.
BOLIVIA: Redatam workshop, Census data analysis and processing for the creation of sociodemographic indicators using Redatam
Two REDATAM workshops where conducted in Bolivia during the last two weeks, first in La Paz (17 to 21 March), and the second in Cochabamba (24 to 28 March). Bothe workshops successfully trained 50 participants from the INE (from the National Office as well as Departmental Offices) , the UDAPE, ministries, local governments, municipal governments and public universities in the use and processing of the 2012 census data for the generation of sociodemographic indicators using REDATAM.
BOLIVIA: The national Statistical Institute (INE) made available the 2012 Population and Household census database for online processing through its web portal using the Redatam web free software, developed by CELADE/CEPAL.
The tool is developed and continuously updated by CELADE/CEPAL, a United Nations department specialized in population data processing. This software is used in the region, by different entities, as a tool for analysis, processing and massive dissemination of statistical and census information.
December 2013
Redatam Informa 19
We are pleased to announce the release of our Redatam Informa N 9th which is now available to all the Redatam community to download from this site. In this edition of 2013 we present four articles of great interest. First, a study of the population pendular mobility in the metropolitan area of Santiago.

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R+SP V5Rev06, Sep 2011

On May of 2007 we launched a new version of Redatam+SP with plenty of improvements and new features. Five months later, the Redatam Development Center (RDC) is pleased to announce a newer version denominated the "Style Version" since introduces changes in the appearance of the software more than on its functionality, adapting the appearance to Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.
April 7th to 11th 2014, Santiago, Chile.
Redatam workshop: Census data analysis and processing for the creation of sociodemographic indicators using Redatam
CELADE is pleased to invite all Redatam users to the 2014 training workshop on census data analysis and processing aimed to the creation of sociodemographic indicators using Redatam. This course will focus on the definition of socio-demographic indicators and its statistical processing using the Redatam programming language.

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