October 27 and 28:
Alicia Bárcena met with the President of Cuba's Council of State, Raúl Castro, and gave a keynote lecture at the University of Havana.

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In Santiago, Chile:
The meeting of the Council of the World Road Association (AIPCR/PIARC) and the Board of Directors of Iberian and Latin American Roads (DIRCAIBEA) was inaugurated on Wednesday, October 29.
24 October 2014:
"The United Nations is needed more than ever at this time of multiple crises", the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says on the occasion of this Day.

Watch video on the UN´s Secretary-General message
Watch video on the 70th anniversary of the United Nations
Compared with the same period of 2013:
The absence of big corporate acquisitions and a slowdown in mining investments are seen as the main factors, ECLAC reported. *The total amount of FDI received by the region was updated including figures from Bolivia and Honduras.
October 20:
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, ECLAC's Executive Secretary Alicia Bárcena, and IAPA President Elizabeth Ballantine participated in the inauguration ceremony.

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17 October 2014:
"One in every five persons in developing regions --1.22 billion people-- live on less than $1.25 a day, and 2.4 billion live on less than $2 a day", the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in his message.

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October 15:
Government officials and representatives from international organizations participated in the launch of the Decade of Sustainable Energy for All Americas.
In 2014:
ECLAC-ILO study says employment formalization has contributed to a reduction in income inequality.
13 October 2014:
"This year's commemoration of the International Day for Disaster Reduction is an opportunity to recognize the role of older men and women in fostering resilience", the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in his message.

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According to ECLAC's estimates:
The organization presented a new database that details country investment in economic infrastructure since 1980.

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Statements of the Secretary-General of the United Nations
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