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ECLAC/IDRC will present book:

Competition and Regulation in Banking: The Case of Panama
Gustavo Paredes

Competition and Regulation in Telecommunications: The Case of Honduras
Marlón R. Tábora



Competition policy is one of the key mechanisms to ensure healthy and efficient economic development, particularly in small countries where monopolistic anti-competitive practices are frequent. Competition policies may also help to attract foreign investment while providing local companies, especially small enterprises, with efficient mechanisms for controlling abuses of dominant positions and other threats to free competition. In small countries, where it is more difficult to have competitive markets, competition policies could foster an inclusive development as well as defending consumer interests and contribute to the overall economic productivity. This project is developed by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) in Mexico and the International Development Research Center (IDRC) from Canada. The project will strengthen the technical and institutional capacities of Central America in order to promote and protect competition within their countries, initiate a coordinated normative framework for the region, and participate in the construction of an international competitive framework for the world economy.
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Banking and Stock Market   Telecommunications
The ECLAC / IDRC project will analyze the competition conditions inside banking and stock exchange sectors, which are strategic fields for financing Central American development. The development up and downs of this region and the policy changes regarding the ownership of financial companies have resulted in industries of recent creation. This implies that public policies have focused more in creating a stable industry while delaying all aspects related to the construction of a competitive environment. As a consequence, people and companies are subject to high interest rates and commissions, as well as unequal access to credit. The Project will study the market competition conditions of telecommunications as a strategic sector for the development of the general competitiveness of the economy. It aims at finding good practices which can be useful for Central American countries, as well as making proposals for effective competition promotion policies. The project will also see into the possibility of moving on towards a greater regional telecommunications market integration and to generate coordinating mechanisms among regulatory institutions in Central America.
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