ECLAC Addresses the Paradoxes and Challenges of Climate Change's Economic and Social Impact in the Region:In the context of the UN Climate Summit:
In the context of the UN Climate Summit:
The Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, said in a statement that the economic costs of climate change could total between 1.5 % and 5 % of the annual GDP of Latin America and the Caribbean, in the case that the temperature rises an additional 2.5 °C.

According to a new report by ECLAC:
Indigenous peoples account for 8.3 % of the region's total population, according to a study by the United Nations organization launched in New York.

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24-25 September:
The event, organized by ILPES with the support of the Korean Government, will be broadcast live via Internet.
15 September 2014:
"On this International Day of Democracy, I call on young people everywhere to lead a major push for inclusive democracy around the world", says the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon.
In Costa Rica:
ECLAC organizes two events in San José in its role as technical secretariat of the process to implement Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.
Alicia Bárcena in Oslo, Norway:
In a lecture at the University of Oslo, ECLAC's Executive Secretary presented the organization's proposals included in the "trilogy of equality."
During the international conference held in Samoa:
Building resilience to external shocks and addressing vulnerability of island States are key issues to attain sustainable development, the UN Commission stated.
In Norway:
At the award ceremony, the Executive Secretary said that the distinction recognizes ECLAC's contribution to greater equality and social inclusion.

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During a workshop at ECLAC:
Increasing cooperation and dialogue between both sides is key to building a fairer economic and social order for developing countries, they indicated.

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In Santiago:
A strengthening of existing regional mechanisms is advocated, with a broad participation of actors to support the development agenda from 2015.

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According to experts meeting in Santiago, Chile:
The 5th Regional seminar on agriculture and climate change was organized by ECLAC and FAO, and supported by French Cooperation.
In its report Economic Survey:
The organization sees great heterogeneity among countries due to varying conditions in Latin America and Caribbean's main trading partners and specific factors in the national economies.

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