Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean

Montevideo, Uruguay, April 3-5, 2013

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The Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society was organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean through the ECLAC-@LIS2 project -co-financed by the European Commission- as well as the Government of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, through their Electronic Government and Information Society Agency (AGESIC).

The Conference examined the achievements and challenges regarding the regional information society per the agreed targets under the Regional Action Plan for the Information Society, eLAC2015, in order to contribute to the universalization of broadband, achieve a transactional and participatory electronic government, achieve all SMEs access to ICTs, promote regional integration through ICTs, and universalize access and expansion of new technologies for health and education.

In addition, the book entitled Digital economy for structural change and equality was launched at the event. The document proposes that within the context of the advancement of ICTs, the digital economy is part of a new vision of development, acting as a catalyst to encourage long-term investment, and diversification of the production structure as well as further convergence in the levels of productivity of the whole economy. The book proposes three axes in order to take advantage of the new opportunities arising from technological convergence: renew strategies to maximize the impact of the digital economy in growth and inclusion, innovation and structural change of countries; consolidate a policy framework  that acts on the critical factors affecting the deployment of digital economy, and move towards an institutional framework for digital economy which integrates initiatives on broadband policies, ICTs industrial policies and policies for digital inclusion. Also during the conference, the Declaration of Montevideo and the 2013-2015 Work Plan for the implementation of eLAC2015 were adopted.