Project: Integration of Safety at Work and Environmental Protection into Vocational Training in Latin America and the Caribbean


In policies to develop training systems in Latin America insufficient importance has been attached to questions concerning the safety at work and to a large extent also to quality assurance and environmental protection in the productive sector by means of recognized standards (ISO 9000, ISO 14000, etc.). This was left to specific environmental and health projects which are only gradually being linked with vocational training approaches. Meanwhile, a considerable number of institutions aiming to eliminate the above weaknesses through corresponding training have come into being. However, all these institutions offer very limited services and represent greatly varying interests. There is no systematic approach, a fact which is partly due to insufficient cooperation between these institutions and a certain kind of competitive behavior. Moreover, the integration of economic, ecological and social aims called for in the concept for sustained development, has become an issue of paramount importance for economies oriented to the external market. The project is to identify and evaluate different experiences that have linked training with environment, working conditions (health and safety) and quality standards. It will identify best practices to strengthen their capacity of policy makers to formulate, and implement efficient training systems that dress the above mentioned problems in the region.

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