About the Director's Office
This unit depends directly from the Director of the Division and develops three specific activities. First of them is the investigation and development of proposals of public policy in the subject of National Systems of Innovation and its recent changes as a result of the external opening and the deregulation and privatization of the productive activity. It studies, in individual, how has the microeconomic conduct changed regarding generation, imports, adaptation and use of new technologies one talks about and the differences that is possible to find in the innovativon and technological behavior of different productive activities, types of companies, regions, etc. in the different countries from the region.

The second activity developed by this Unit, has relation with the micro and macroeconomic aspects of the relation between education and productivity improvements and international competitivity. The educational reforms of the last years, its microeconomic manifestation at the level of educational establishments and its relation with the social dimensions of the development, constitute an investigation object and advising to the governments of the region

Finally, the third activity covered by the Director's Office is the postgraduate training on matters of structure and Latin American economy's behavior and its relation with innovation, productivity and international competitivity. Annually is held the Summer School specially designed for masters and doctorates degree students from Latin American Universities and from other regions of the world, interested in preparing thesis papers on Latin American subjects. The class is three months long, and cover an extensive range of specialties related to the recent transformations of the social organization scheme of the countries of the region production, and gather a select local and international
group of specialists. This training activity shows the great comparative advantage that ECLAC has related to the comprehension of the recent transformation of the Latin American productivity and its meaning in the process of globalization that the world economy is going through.

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