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OSILAC creates new maps showing ICT access in Latin America


The Observatory for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (OSILAC), of UN-ECLAC’s Information Society Programme, has produced for new maps that illustrate the penetration of various information and communications technologies (ICTs) among users or households in Latin America, updated in November 2009.

The maps, available at the Information Society Programme’s website, indicate, by country, the percentage of: 

Households with computer access per 100 households
Households with Internet access per 100 households
Households with access to mobile telephone per 100 households
Internet users per 100 inhabitants according to household’s surveys
The data used to elaborate these maps has been provided by the National Statistical Offices of the countries of the region, whose oficial statistics are important decision-making factors for governments. Their survey data responses have been harmonized by OSILAC so as to enable users to prepare their own comparative analysis. Indicators have been calculated based on the recommendations of the Partnership for Measuring ICT for Development.

The data used to create these maps, as well as other indicators, are available online, at OSILAC’s ICT Statistical Information System.