Seminar "Food and Energy Crisis: Opportunities and Challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean",
ECLAC, Santiago, 4-5 September 2008
ECLAC organized this seminar at the behest of member countries to examine the challenges posed by today's global energy and food crisis on countries and subregions of Latin America and the Caribbean, and analyze public policy options to address this situation in better conditions. Ministers and other government and United Nations agency representatives, experts from private research institutions, and academics will discuss issues such as agriculture and the diversification of the energy matrix.


 Final document of the Seminar

   International price volatility and economic policy challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean, ECLAC Executive Secretary, (Pdf  267 Kb.)
 Inaugural session
 Welcoming address by Laura López, Secretary of the Commission of ECLAC, in Spanish (Pdf 12 Kb.)
 Presentation Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of ECLAC, in Spanish (Pdf 402 Kb.)
Presentation by Máximo Torero, in Spanish (Pdf 728 Kb.)
Presentation José Goldemberg (Pdf 506 Kb.)
Crisis and food security
Presentation Margarita Flores(pdf 315 Kb.)
Presentación Iván Nazif (pdf 490 Kb.)
Presentation Javier Flores (pdf 5.305 Kb.)
Presentation Dindyal Pernaul (pdf 745 Kb.) 
Presentation Cornelio Delgado Valdivieso (pdf 948 Kb.)
Presentation Osvaldo Kacef 4 September (pdf 213 Kb.)
Presentation Laudemir Muller (pdf 1.160 Kb.)
Presentation Víctor Villalobos (pdf 1.457 Kb.)
Presentation Eugenio Cap (pdf 2.300 Kb.)
Presentation Osvaldo Kacef 5 September (pdf 338 Kb.)
Crisis and energy security
Presentation José Antonio Ruiz(pdf 615 Kb.)
Presentation Pedro Gamio (pdf 913 Kb.)
Presentation Osvaldo Bakovich(pdf 2.200 Kb.)
Presentation Clive Mullings(pdf 980 Kb.)
Presentation Juan Pablo Jiménez (pdf 341 Kb.) 
Presentation Marco A. Vera Díaz (pdf 645 Kb.)
Presentation Laura Porto (pdf 1024 Kb.)
Presentation Fernando Rivera(pdf 2.600 Kb.) 
Presentation Gloria Villa (pdf 6.600 Kb.)
Presentation Fernando Sánchez-Albavera (pdf 39 Kb.
Reference documents
Santo Domingo Resolution of ECLAC's Thirty-second session.
Document 3. Istmo Centroamericano. Crisis global, desafíos, oportunidades y nuevas estrategias (pdf 280 Kb.)
Crisis and food security
Document 4. Análisis de los mercados de materias primas y de los precios de los alimentos (pdf 1.000 Kb.)
Document 5. Latin America and the Caribbean. Food crisis, opportunities and challenges (pdf 35 Kb.)
Document 6. Volatilidad de los precios de productos energéticos y alimentarios. Impacto macroeconómico y medidas de política en América Latina y el Caribe (pdf 267 Kb.)
Crisis and energy security
Document 1. Executive Summary. Latin America and the and the international energy situation. Opportunities for a new policy agenda (pdf 40 Kb.)
Document 2. América Latina y el Caribe frente a la coyuntura energética internacional. Oportunidades para una nueva agenda de políticas (pdf 1.101 Kb.)

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Opportunities and Challenges of World Food and Energy Crisis for the Region to be Discussed at ECLAC
 Government Officials, Researchers and Experts to Diagnose Impact of Food and Oil Prices in the Region