Policies of Competitiviness and Productivity

Program Objectives

The Unit develops a permanent pursuit of the evolution of support policies to increase the productivity, the modernization of sectors and industrial companies and the diversification of the productive structure in the region.
Particularly, pays attention to the progress made in the matter of design and implementation of policies regarding the promotion of Small and medium enterprises, On the job training and the Clusters development.

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:: Export Growth in Latin America... Policies and Performance
Carla Macario

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:: Políticas de competitividad industrial
Wilson Peres (coordinador)

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Poductive development series
:: Políticas de competitividade industrial no Brasil, 1995-2000

Regis Bonelli

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Poductive development series
::Policy competition for foreign direct investment in the Caribbean Basin: Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica
Michael Mortimore, Wilson Peres

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