Agreement of Technical Cooperation I.A.D.B. - Cepal
The challenge of accelerating the growth in Latin America and the Caribbean


The general objective of this project is to analyze some of the main causes that affect the Latin American and the Caribbean growths, and to give specific recommendations of follow up actions to policy makers.

To achieve the project goal, studies will be carried out, which will contribute with an analysis of the existing relation between structural heterogeneity and economic growth. Also the evolution of productivity between different productive sectors will be analyzed with the purposes of evaluating the level of productive linkage among sectors, and the value chains developed with the transnational companies.

Final results will be presented in a technical workshop, to be held in ECLAC, Santiago, Chile. The studies, its main conclusions and recommendations will be published in a document to be distributed among the Latin American and the Caribbean policy makers to guarantee the proper dissemination in countries of the region.


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