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Octavio Doerr
Ports' Specialist / Especialista en puertos



Spanish, English


Civil Mechanical Engineer, Universidad Federico Santa Maria, Chile. Diploma in Projects Preparation & Socio-Economical Evaluation, Universidad Católica de Chile

Main research areas

Port sector. Focused in sustainable port, national policy, institutional design, productivity and performance, concessions, tariffs, master and strategic plan.

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Octavio Doerr is civil mechanical engineer graduated from Universidad Federico Santa Maria (Valparaíso, 1980), with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Projects Preparation and Socio-Economical Evaluation from the Economic Studies Institute of Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago, 1985). He is also a participant of the internationally well reputed International Program for Port Planning and Management of the New Orleans University (USA, 1992). Doerr was awarded with a Diploma from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for his outstanding participation in Training on Port Administration and Management in Tokyo as well as in various other Japanese Ports (Japan, 1997).

Doerr is an international expert in port development, as well as in related logistic and infrastructure, with special focus in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2010, he work at the UN ECLAC, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Division, engaged in port, infrastructure and statistics affairs. Previous to his experience at United Nations, he was consultant of PNUD, CAF and BID. Also Development Director at San Antonio Port Company (San Antonio, Chile, 1998-2004): development director and private investors’ relations officer, i.e. port terminals concessionaires. His academic experience includes various Chilean universities, where he has been professor on theory of rational economic decisions, project appraisal, maritime transport, port operating and port planning, including Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Universidad Marítima de Chile, Universidad de Viña del Mar and Universidad Andres Bello.

Selected publications

Doerr is author of several paper and articles published in national and international media (Guatemala, Colombia, Argentina, España, Uruguay y Chile).






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