E C L A C - Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Twenty-seventh session
Oranjestad, Aruba, 11-16 May, 1998



The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean,

Considering that the promotion of social and gender equity is a priority objective of the Governments of the region in order to ensure the full enjoyment of human rights, strengthen the foundations of sustainable development and consolidate democracy,

Considering also that population programmes effectively help to foster social equity by the promotion and a more appropriate social distribution of human capital in the region,

Considering further that problems in the area of reproductive health and gender equity most severely affect those living in poverty, especially women, youth and children, hindering their opportunities for upward social mobility and fostering the intergenerational transmission of poverty,

Supports the efforts of Governments and civil society organizations, in particular women’s and youth organizations, to meet the specific needs and requirements of women, youth and children, who make up the great majority of the poorest segments of the population;

Requests the Governments:

To consider population and development programmes, and especially programmes focusing on the promotion of reproductive health and gender equity, as a central component of their social development strategies and their plans for eradicating poverty;

To promote the necessary political consensus-building, within the framework of the fiscal covenant proposed at this session, in order to strengthen the redistributive capacity of fiscal expenditure and to promote adequate and targeted allocation to programmes that have the greatest impact on the poorest sectors, particularly in the areas of primary health care and pre-school and basic education;

(c) To give priority to mobilizing and allocating the necessary financial resources, both internal resources and external resources obtained from multilateral banks and from international cooperation efforts, to achieve the countries’ objectives in the area of population and development.

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